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hppygr8ful has 20 years experience and specializes in Psych, Addictions, Elder Care, L&D.

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  1. hppygr8ful

    My plastic surgery journey

    ***MODs please put this where you think appropriate but don't post to face book as it's already there. ***** For all those considering plastic surgery. Please make sure you do your homework and fully understand all the possible complications even the very rare one's. I had a tummy tuck on August 21 and experienced serious complications. It was not the fault of the surgeon so I won't mention the name. About 8-10 days after my procedure I got an infection in the incision and the whole thing opened up. It could not be stitched closed and has to heal on it's own. I am now seeing a great wound care doctor who is getting that done but it's now October 11 and I still have an open wound in my abdomen. This has been some journey. I am not trying to scare you off from having plastic surgery - I had breast implants at the same time and they turned out great, but when your sitting in the office looking at before and after glossy photo's remember those are the pictures the surgeon's Sales team wants you to see. Possible complications are down played. In my own case this particular complication happens about 10 to 15 % of the time - so not all that rare. The funny thing is that I did this to get rid of an ugly scar from an old surgery and now I will have another scar but at least this one can hide beneath my underwear. My second statement is that you should know that delicense (Opening of the incision) is never normal so if it happens go to your primary care doctor immediately. You will need to see a wound care specialist for best results. In my case I am receiving negative pressure wound management (Wound Vac) which is working miracles for both pain management and healing. Still I am 6 to 8 weeks out from complete closure of the wound. I will be ok and I'm not sorry I had it done - but I advise you all to be prepared with the knowledge of what could happen . Peace and Namaste Hppy
  2. hppygr8ful

    Did anyone take black coffee for reducing fat?

    Are you talking about green coffee bean extract? It was a fat loss fad a few years back. I've tried them all it didn't really help me but every year there is some new supplement that "with diet and exercise" work wonders. Smarter and safer to just diet and exercise. Hppy
  3. hppygr8ful

    How will history judge us?

    All done now. I'm taking my barbells back to my side of the playground. Hppy
  4. hppygr8ful

    How will history judge us?

    Illegal Immigrants are not scapegoats - they are criminals thus the word illegal. For the record the conditions that these children are housed in is far better than the group homes and CPS facilities that house children separated from their citizen parents. In an Ideal world no child would be separated from a parents that is not abusive - but we do not live in a perfect world. Did you know that the average length of stay on Ellis Island when it was first opened was 18 months during which many men, women and children died of dysentery, tuberculosis and meningitis while waiting. Hppy
  5. hppygr8ful

    How will history judge us?

    Children of people being processed by the criminal justice system are separated from their parents. People who cross the border without a visa are criminals and need to be detained and processed. Would you prefer these children be left in border jails with their parents where all manner of abuses take place. It is a fact that 3 times the number of children separated from their parents at the border are detained every three days from Criminal parents who are citizens. Why are they considered any less damaged? I work with mentally ill adolescents and can tell you a large proportion of them were separated from their parents at a young age. We need to fix our own issues and the countries that are ignoring their issues and encouraging their citizens to flee are as much to blame for this situation as the US. Separating children from their ciminally charged immigrant parents has been leagally enforced since the Clinton signed into law an Immigration reform act in 1994. It has been enforced by Clinton, Bush and Obama. The fact that Trump who I have no love for acted admittedly under pressure to end this program is a statement in support of human rights. Hppy
  6. hppygr8ful

    Mommy Makeover

    This probably belongs on the Blue side but I am offically going under the knife for my mommy makeover Aug. 20, 2018. I need to lose some pounds before then wish me luck. Hppy
  7. hppygr8ful

    I think coworker is in witness protection program

    Even if he is in witness protection what's it to you. Have you realized that any effort to find out could be violation of Federal Law. Maybe he just lost everything in the last big recession and had to make serious life changes. Hppy
  8. hppygr8ful

    13 Reasons Why - Teenage Suicide

    As a psych nurse who works with adolescents I have had this Netflix series, "13 Reasons Why", on my radar for some time, but I never actually sat down and watched it. It was only during an assessment of a post-suicide admit that I actually heard a patient say she got the idea from watching the series. So off I ran to do a bit of research. I found that the airing of the show was actually banned in Canada and in Australia had a warning that the show should only be watched with parental supervision that my curiosity took off. Finding myself recovering from viral meningitis and a week off work with pay I sat down opened Netflix and sat down to binge-watch the series. The storyline reconstructs the last two years in the life of a teenage girl who completed suicide, her reasons for taking her life and the effect this all has on a young man who had a serious crush on her. While most of the episodes deal with typical twenty-first-century teen angst A darker message comes forth in last four episodes, where our victim falls victim to cyberbullying and "SlutShaming", endures witnessing a friend being raped and subsequently being raped herself. This is followed by the complete stupidity of the people who are supposed to formulate a teen's support network. I'm talking about friends, teacher's, parents and counselors. The main character turns to each in turn only to be turned away. Even her would be boyfriend tries but fails to help her. The straw that breaks the camel's back is when she visits a school counselor to report her rape and she is told that if she is unwilling to name her assailant she'll have to "get over it and move on." The young heroine goes home gets into a bathtub and in a very graphic and brutal scene, takes her life by opening her arms from elbow to wrist with a razor. The story left me feeling empty, angry and sad. As a survivor of a suicide attempt, I am acutely aware of the torment this character went through. Dealing for months or even years with a depressive disorder and told by folks to get over it or just "try being happy ". It doesn't work that way. Nationwide since 2015. Suicide rates for adolescent girls (13-21) have risen approximately 30% while the rate for boys of the same age closely follows. These numbers reflect completed suicides as no one is actually keeping track of the failed attempts (I'm sure the CDC has a file somewhere). One has to wonder what is driving this march towards death and what we can do to curb the alarming trend. As the story depicts all too often a troubled teen feels they cannot talk to friends who shame them, Parents who ignore them and counselors who just don't listen or worse yet offer only platitudes. Producers of the series state that the show has helped to open a dialog between teens and their parents about the serious issues they face. One of the screenwriters defends the decision to depict the actual suicide so graphically. I was buying right in until I downloaded to book on which the series is based. In the book the lead character does not cut her wrists, she takes pills, and while the series wants to show how each person mentioned on Hannah's tapes feels in the wake of her suicide the book is only concerned with the character of Clay. A young man who had a crush on Hannah and his inability to fathom what led his friend to this final act. After years of struggling with my own personal demons, child abuse, and the resultant PTSD, I know that life is something to be treasured and that age has a way of allowing one to settle themselves into a better place to cope with life's challenges. It is important that our teens have a safe place to go. That someone: a friend, a parent, or a counselor is available to have the tough conversations that a teen suffering from anxiety and depression needs to have. It's ok, It gets better, You don't t have to do this alone, you are loved.
  9. Just read this article and couldn't agree more. Enthusiasm is the most important quality in any employee. People who bring enthusiasm to the job are leaders, problems solvers and thinkers. They rise above petty gossip and other workplace antics, roll up their sleeves and get the job done. Do you believe this belief is accurate for the nursing world? This Is the Best Quality in an Employee, According to Steve Jobs - Reader's Digest Hppy
  10. Think I'll take a break and do some holiday baking. Biscotti, brownies and English Toffee. Hppy
  11. HB2950 - You can download any bill and read it in full on several government websites. I would not be surprised of Texas included a religious beliefs clause - however I doubt it would go so far as the HIPAA violation cited. You all ever heard of "Fake News" Hppy
  12. In my experience providing care to some of the most medically underserved people in this country the ACA has done nothing to make medical care more affordable or accessible to the people who need it most - so I say throw it out and start over. Hppy
  13. hppygr8ful

    The Medical Aspect of Execution

    I haven't read through all the comments but I'm a big proponent for bringing back "Old Sparky". Far too much effort is wasted on being humane in this situation. I believe these felons should feel every bit of terror, fear and uncertainty that was felt by their victims in the moments leading up to their deaths. And let's do away with a 20+years appeals process which is a total waste of tax dollars. Just Saying
  14. hppygr8ful

    New nursing novel

    Stephen King has made an interesting resurgence in recent years - his work has become more introspective but still scary as heck! My most recent favorite is Dr. Sleep. I love Jack Reacher but hate Tom Cruise in the role. I tried to watch "Never Go Back" Last night and go about half way through before I had to turn it off. You might like John Sanford books Lucas Davenport and Virgil Flowers characters are terrific. With Davenport You almost have to start from the beginning and there are something like 20 books. Virgil Flowers is a stand alone series that came out of the Davenport Series. I am a published author did some short stories and poetry in the 1980's. I have been toying with a new thing for about two years but have yet to sit down and do some serious writing recently. Hppy
  15. hppygr8ful

    New nursing novel