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  1. which is why I suggested eating more fruits and veggies whenever she's stressed out.
  2. I completely understand this desire to be thin. I often struggle with weight issues, too. Luckily, this year, I lost around 8-10 lbs and I did it not by wanting to be thin. I did it by wanting to do something like by taking a dance class 3-4x a week, or going for a brisk walk around the park. Don't think about being skinny. Just enjoy the activity and the weight will come off!
  3. @threadstarter: It's okay to eat when you're stressed. It's called emotional eating. The question is what do you eat? As my MD states, "abuse the fruits and veggies" so when you are stresse,d make sure that you have a bag of oranges, slices of apples, carrot sticks or walnuts within reach. As for exercise, it depends on how busy you're unit is. If you work med-surg, you'll do a lot of cardio with all that walking around. If you work in ICU, you do a lot of lifting (of your patients) so make that your upper body workout :D And if your workload doesn't give you that amount of exercise, 30 minutes of plain walking in a treadmill should be enough. Wow I sound like a PSA ad hehehe Good luck!

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