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  1. vampiregirl

    Healthy start to 2016

    As a nurse, I think I take quality care of my patients. Yet I can't seem to apply this concept to myself. After a lot of thought and investigation, I've enrolled in a healthy lifestyle program through my employer (although I chose a satellite office instead of our main campus). I think one of things I need is accountability so that is why I chose a structured program. I've tried the gamut of diets, which all worked very well - while I was "on" them. I'm trying to shift my mentality to a lifestyle change versus a diet. Anyone else working on getting healthier? And if so, what's been some of things that's worked best for you? Side note - I was quite surprised not to find any other "start of the year, get healthy" threads...
  2. vampiregirl

    Good Nursey books to read!!!!

    I'm enjoying "Camp Nurse" by Tilda Shalof right now. As summer starts, I'm feeling a little nostalgic about by summers as a camp counselor:)
  3. vampiregirl

    Anyone else experiencing the heat wave?

    Yikes! You guys have my sympathy- temps in the 100's, yuck! And we've been complaining about 90's this week in Indiana. I did get a chuckle out of my co-workers this past week as we all sweated our way though the day, I wore winter scrub tops (snowmen) to work.
  4. vampiregirl

    dtr finally dx with asthma

    You might want to see what her doctor thinks about a spacer device for her mdi. While little ones rarely can coordinate their breathing to effectively use an mdi (as you've encountered), a spacer allows for effective use of an mdi. It can be handy to have an mdi & spacer available to always have along when not at home (doesn't take up much space in a purse, quick relief when problems start, no electricity needed etc.) until you can get to the nebulizer or whatever your doctor recommends as a plan of action.
  5. vampiregirl

    Word Game