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  1. Parakeet

    ixchel's What I Learned This Week 10/3...

    What I learned this week: 1. Though I was born in one of the coldest countries, it has not rubbed off on me this year, and I am freezing at 65 degrees Fahrenheit. 2. Just when I need to be studying, our water pipes spill a leak and my whole family is involved in cleaning it up. 3. That I am so busy with school I don't remember important facts about my siblings, such as how old they are. 4. That I spend way to much time on AN. 5. That the flu vaccine hurts, but it was interesting to watch the nurse inject me. 6. That all my 12-year old sister's friends think she's the one starting college, and I'm starting high school, even though I'm a junior in college. 7. That I haven't studied as much as I ought, and am going to right now! 8. How I find these threads really interesting.
  2. Parakeet

    Barre Method

    Anybody tried the barre method workout? I have heard about it, but don't know how it works.