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    As a baby boomer RN, do you sometimes feel like changing your look? We do spend almost 40 hours a week in scrubs or a facility prescribed uniform. What about the rest of the week? Do you feel like dressing younger than your age? There are two schools of thought, either dress to reflect the number on your driver's license or dress younger than your stated age. Baby boomer nurses especially may need a push when it comes to their fashion choices, since they may be also experiencing life transitions as well.
    There is a psychologist in New York known as The Fashion Mentor who deals with just that question. With your disposable RN income, this psychologist will take 250 an hour to teach you how to dress age appropriate. For almost two decades Ania Schwartzman has been a clinical psychologist based out of New York. Four months ago, she started working as a consultant with women who wanted to change their look.
    There is an old joke about retail therapy, which basically entails going shopping when you are depressed and spending money. Schwartzman doesn't do that. True, you are going shopping with her but as she explains she doesn't do therapy doing the shopping trip. Instead she will help women who may be experiencing life changes which most women experience. Life which often spills over into their fashion choices. This could be a midlife crisis, such as facing a divorce or relationship breakup or someone facing a birthday such as the big 5-0 or even 60. This is where Schwartzman applies her therapeutic background. She also has her private practice in New York where she has children and adults as clients. Ania explains that clothes are designed to help you feel empowered through their fashion choices. From her website, "Ania believes clothes are like armor. With the right outfit...you can begin to find your confidence again." Her website also states that she offers a personal shopping stylist service.
    You just don't show up and go shopping with this psychologist. No, as they say in therapy, you must do the work. That entails the following. Schwartzman meets with them before they step into the department store for a cup of coffee or they answer some key questions before preparing for this shopping trip. She looks at coping strategies as well as what bothers them on a day to day basis and what are their stumbling blocks to achieving success. The total package for the sessions usually is $750, which covers three outings with this therapist. During that time, they can put together a new look and face whatever life's curveballs have recently thrown at them.
    Like mindful eating, where you think about what you are putting into your stomach instead of wolfing your food down, there is you guessed is, mindful dressing. Our fashion choices also have meaning. The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York may be offering a course called fashion psychology. Dawnn Karen, FIT instructor is the impetus behind this course. She already has been the instructor for this school's Center for Continuing and Professional Studies in fashion psychology. At FIT, she teaches how clothing and the colors we select can affect us on a behavioral level. Karen, by the way, has her master's in counseling psychology from Columbia University.
    Karen also is a therapist. At the present time she charges clients $1000 to $5000 per month for brand consulting and counseling. She calls herself a fashion psychologist and she defines this as the "study and treatment of how color, image, style and beauty affects human behavior, while addressing cultural norms and cultural sensitivities." She is an innovator and has started an online Fashion Psychology Institute. Some of the course offerings are the hoodie phenomenon as related to Trayvon Martin and First Lady Fashion, which of course dissects current first lady and former model Melania Trump's fashion choices among others. These online courses go for $379.
    In general, since nurses tend to wear uniforms, at times their personal style does not exist, at least during working hours. Do they need a boost as Schwartzman says or more analysis of their choices as Karen advocates? The jury is out on this. Nurses, is your fashion sense lagging? Do you need fashion therapy, or can you do it on your own?
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    Fashion Psychologist - Dawnn Karen