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  1. EquinoxSolstice92

    Has any female nurse had a crush on a male nurse?

    Didn't you read the title? I asked if anyone else had crushes on a male nurse.
  2. EquinoxSolstice92

    Has any female nurse had a crush on a male nurse?

    Look, I don't actually want to date any of my crushes. It's just that... a crush. I don't want it to go anywhere else.
  3. Am I the only nurse who ever had a crush on a male nurse? I work at a skilled nursing facility and this guy used to work there on the PM shift. I used to have a crush on him because he's handsome BUT that's not the only reason why I had a crush on him. I had a crush on him because he's gentleman, has a great personality, and is all around a friendly guy. Whenever I need help with patients who can't speak English and when I need a translator (he's Hispanic), he's there to help me. He's a married guy who's almost in his 40s. I wouldn't wanna date him since I'm in my mid 20s and I don't think that I'm his type. It was more of a school girl crush; of me being infatuated with him. We had the same schedule; working for 4 days and we have the same days off. I was an on call nurse at the time and sometimes I work on the PM shift in another station, sometimes I work during NOC shift on the station he's working at. Anyway, I got over it since he doesn't work in our facility anymore. Besides, I wouldn't wanna date him because he doesn't see me that way. I had a crush on a male MDS coordinator because he's handsome but he's also a kindhearted man who treats everybody equally. He's sweet, he helps me out when I need it (if I ask him to print me a care plan, he does it). Even though he's my crush, I wouldn't want to date him. I just... don't. He's my co-worker and nothing more. We also have a huge age difference with me being in my mid 20s and him being in his mid 30s. I had another crush on a guy when I was still a nursing student. My mom used to work at this small facility and she asked me to get her paycheck. This handsome male nurse gave me my mom's paycheck. I thought he was handsome but that's it. It's nothing serious. It doesn't help the fact that I had a boyfriend at that time. I was flattered that he told my mom that I'm a pretty nurse applying for that job.