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  1. Red Kryptonite


    You're going to have to be very careful not to step on the toes of the Pastafarians. Maybe y'all can come together and add bacon to the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Religious harmony at last!
  2. Red Kryptonite

    Jill Duggar & pregnancy

    Thank you SO MUCH. I was trying to figure out how to say this. You beat me to it and probably did better than I would. Let's not stereotype religious homeschoolers as anti-science troglodytic morons, okay?
  3. Red Kryptonite

    Jill Duggar & pregnancy

    Overpopulation is a myth. And the Duggars are completely self-supporting, never taken any kind of aid at all, so no one has any right to criticize the number of children they have that they feed, clothe, and house independently. As I said, not a big fan, but people feel way too free to talk smack and as the mother of a larger family, it sets me off a bit.
  4. Red Kryptonite

    Jill Duggar & pregnancy

    I'm not a big Duggar fan, but this is just nasty and unkind. Michelle Duggar has 19 living children, and the 20th died from complications of prematurity. Since then, she has not been pregnant, as far as I know. Regardless of whether you agree with her choice to have more children than you would, don't you think it should be beneath you to mock any woman's loss and her dead child? As to Jill being overdue....nope, not until after 42 weeks. As long as she and baby are still healthy, no reason to gut her. (I had 2 unnecessary sections before I wised up. Not a fan.)
  5. Red Kryptonite

    I'm tired of being single.

    And? Sometimes people know they're in between but not exactly where. At least he's open-minded.
  6. Red Kryptonite

    #teamwhiteandgold or #teamblueandblack?

    Blue and black. My 16 year old showed this to me not even an hour ago, and did a trick with her iPhone where she reversed the colors and voila, gold and white.
  7. This is insanely sexist. Just because you have never known a man whose spirit was damaged by the empty and meaningless use of his sexuality doesn't mean they don't exist. I know one personally who was so emotionally and spiritually destroyed by his realization that he had used a woman for nothing more than selfish physical release, with no love or commitment to her at all, that he was suicidal for two years after the relationship ended. I don't know why so many people regard men as if they are sexual machines with no moral or emotional boundaries, but it's wrong, and it needs to stop.

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