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  1. Hey all, and Happy Friday! Work has kicked my ass this week, but I've still been getting up and going to the gym at 5am. 

    I'm glad you guys liked the song. I used to listen to them years ago when I walked the hill. I think I was known as the angry walker, as it was while I was still married. The kids were little, he would come home and I would head out, and ANGRY WALK!!!

    Tonight I am going out for sushi with my guy. I'm not really sure what's going on the rest of the weekend. I hope you all have a good one. 


  2. Good morning! I'm sad I missed a big day in BC world! So glad that FOBC (Fiance of BC!) has gotten the job, and that you got the kitty!


    Yesterday was just crazy here at work. A lot of hype about COVID. 

    I hope you have a nice date tonight, Joe. Good vibes to you, Tweety for uneventful work days!

    *waves to the rest of you all*


  3. Good morning all! I went to the gym this morning at 0500 and now I'm feeling good. No run today, just a 50 minute treadmill and it was leg day! 

    Tweety, my brother went vegan. He is a guy that, if you look up the term "meat sweats" his pic will show up. He's obese, but I think he lost about 20 pounds so far. You always have such great looking recipes, I may swipe some. 

    No Stars, You have a full plate. Geez. Yet, your humor is still there, intact. It will get you through. 

    I watched GWTW several times, and will continue to do so, but the book is SO MUCH better. Rhett is really fleshed out, as well as his friendship with Scarlett. 

    What are you all reading now? I am reading https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/34051011-pachinko

    Just started it, but I'm digging it, so far. 

    Today I take mom to PT, and then I pre-ordered dinner. Pot roast.

    I hope everyone has a good one!



  4. 7 minutes ago, Tweety said:

    Good morning!

    BC, that's good you got to see Far and have some much needed fun.  Sorry you didn't get the cat but I'm sure another one is on the way.

    Hi Far!  Glad you listened to BC to say hello, but watch that potty mouth.

    Have a good day Joe,

    N22, my bank's online and phone app never give me issues.  On the rare occasion I get a check I just scan it and deposit it on my phone.  Loving the technology.  Hope you do finally get to retire.  As I'm sure you know I have a plan and think about it a lot...especially on bad days at work.

    Off today and feeling good.  Slept in.  I put in an application for another Italian Greyhound, apparently there's a 10 year old female here somewhere in Florida looking for a home.  She apparently wouldn't come out of her crate for days in her foster home, so I'm not sure emotionally that's good for me.  My other dogs always took to me and the new home very well.  We'll see.  They, being a volunteer organization are notoriously slow.   I feel guilty sometimes leaving SlowBro without a companion.  

    Hope everyone has a great day.

    Yeah, I completely forgot where i was. Typical Fara. I still haven't gotten a new dog since Lola died. 

  5. Edited by AN Admin Team

    Hi all. I was told by BC to stop in and say Hi. I've missed you all so much, especially those of you NOT on my FB. I met BC this past weekend and we spent the day together and night and drinks. Sooooooo much fun!

    I'm still at the HS. My Dad has died, and Far's mom moved in with me... still hoping to get her home. She broke her shoulder and her leg surrounding my Dad's death. It's been rough. She kinda threw in the towel a bit. I'm afraid to let her go home by herself because she will just sit. She's not confused, she's just... struggling. 

    She is also driving me ******* crazy. 

    The Big Kid graduated college, just starting his first "real" job, and The Kid is still toiling away in college. His Jr. year! it all goes so fast.


    Oh, and I have a BF. 


    Love and miss you all.

  6. Before requiring mental health checks to vote, how about a mental health check to prevent the mentally "unhinged" from becoming president...lol

    This is a joke because the op's arguments are a tad comical because they are flawed in countless ways imo.

    But the potus one! Um...yeah. But we dont do that!

    Never comical. Always flawed.

  7. Good Morning. I'm here at work, and my office, no, the whole school, is FREEZING! I am working with my fingerless gloves on. Quite the statement.

    To backtrack a few days, nothing is worse than Disturbed's version of Sounds of Silence. NOTHING. I like heavy music, and I don't mind a good remake, but this is just morose, and not in a good way. My 2 cents.

    Far's Mom's Bday was last week. I had her come out, we got our nails done. Some Hot Dude cooked dinner for her, and I made brownies. She then slept over as we drank wine and Prosecco! A fun night was had by all.

    This weekend we put up lights and inside decorations. Everything but the tree. I also got about half of my Christmas shopping done, but I think I'm out of money...

    Tweety, the teeth look great. I was very jealous of your beach pic.

    BC, did you guys get FREE FOOD and drinks for your DD's Bday? Go to Cakes' place.

    Joe, I'm glad you didn't get sick. It's that time of year.

    Steph, I love you poking in more.

    NOSTARS, I love that the CBD isn't working, yet you're still giving it the ol' college try.I wish my Dad had some of that when he was addicted to opiates.

    j22, i see you! Thanks for adding me on FB...

    I hope I didn't forget anyone. I've read you all.

    Happy Monday!

  8. I don't remember if I linked this before. It is a very short video of my oldest son's trek to Iceland. It was a fundraiser for research into Multiple Myeloma, which he is in remission from. The first voice you hear is my son; he has a beard so easy to spot. He talks a few more times as well.

    Your son is HOT!

  9. Hey all! Busy busy busy!!!

    Tweety, I loved your story about your niece. My nephew came about about 10 years ago to my very religious in laws. it was initially a nightmare, to the point where my ex and I were going to take the kid in. It all resolved and he's happy. All these kids need is support.

  10. Heyyyyyyyy awl!

    I'm at work listening to Christmas music. I finally folded.

    I think I'm getting a bit of a cold, trying like hell to fight it, because I have so much to do. As we all do, yes?

    I think Boston finally caught up with me, because I sacked out in front of the tv last night and woke up to see a couple was going to LOVE IT, on Love it or List it.

    Today is a paperworky day, then off to take Far's Mom to PT and grocery shopping. Then dinner with Some Hot Dude.

    Hope you all have a good day. No Stars and Tweety, feel better!

  11. Tweety glad you have your new teeth. Sorry about the flat

    Far great that you were able to meet BC

    Happy Hanukkah

    Got back from the convention last night and then went and saw Instant Family with J which was pretty good

    I'm pretty sore from all of the walking I did. Next time I'll have to get a closer hotel room. And spent less time at the convention, I felt I did too much aimless wandering

    Nevertheless this was a good convention experience. Met lots of people, some randomly but many via organized meetups, which helps a lot at at big event. Didnt' really attend many events at the convention, just two concerts and a comedy show.

    Today not much is going on. Have the day off. Will do a bunch of laundry. It's dad's birthday so I'm taking him out to dinner. Will also look into reserving a room for next year's convention now so I can get something closer

    Most of the snow has melted after the heavy rains of Saturday. Still quite cool

    They had a big special on Lisa Ling last night about furries. CNN Now or something? I don't get the channel, but I'm going to look for it online during my lunch. My friend saw it, and he said it was good.

  12. Good morning!

    I had such a good time meeting BC. She is soooooooooo beautiful, and tiny and funny and sweet. We went to a crazy fun Japanese place for dinner. My friend, who I met years ago from my LOTR boards, seems to be some sort of minor celebrity. I couldn't go anywhere all weekend without people shoving food and drinks at us.

    BostonFNP had family obligations, and he missed out!!! 'Cause we are cool.

    All in all a very nice weekend.

    Happy Hanukkah to all those who celebrate.

  13. Good morning BC and nurseJ!

    Would love to see some pics of your get-together! How fun!

    nurseJ22, your day sounds busy!

    No rain today, it has cleared up. But at least we had lots on Thursday!

    I watched White Christmas last night. :)

    Might watch Holiday Inn today or tomorrow.

    Have no other plans.

    Have a good day!

    I posted them on my FB, D!

    BC is adorable. She's so tiny!!!

  14. Hey all. I'm trying to keep this up.

    FB is not evil. I take breaks politically. You have to, or else you go crazy. Other than that, like Ted says, I talk to my cousins now. I talk to kids from grade school. I'm in several groups. It's a good way to keep up with people.

    It's cold here, today. I have my space heater on here at work.

    Joe, what do you DO at those conventions? Is it "adult" themed? I'm interested in all kinds of cosplay and fandom.

    Today is my Friday as I am going to the convention tomorrow in Hartford. A nurses' convention. NOT adult themed. Sadly.

    Then on to Boston!!!

    NoStars, I hope you're feeling better. Love to you all.

  15. How funny! The one day I decide to check out the Good Morning thread, ya mention my name!

    I've been sick with a pretty bad head cold since Sunday night. I was at a hospice patient's death and talking at length to his wife when my nose began to run. That was the first sign. My grandkids were here for Thanksgiving and were sick as were their parents. I washed my hands and cleaned up a lot with antibacterial wipes but the kids slept with upstairs with me so there was no real way to avoid it.

    Oh wow! I've taken a class from Dr. Offit and we "chat" on FB frequently. I love him!

    Hello to everyone.

    *tackles you*


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