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  1. Farawyn

    Hello Everyone!!

    Also, I've missed you all.
  2. Farawyn

    Hello Everyone!!

    Hi, Joe, I can't seem to post on the Yellow side. This box is not available to me there. Also, my AV stayed there, but not here. It looks great so far...
  3. Farawyn

    Mental Health Checks

    Never comical. Always flawed.
  4. Farawyn

    Mental Health Checks

    OP, you concern me. You and your guns concern me.
  5. Farawyn

    Monday December 10, 2018

    Why? What happened? I agree, it is all opinion. I am also a very big S&G fan. i think they are perfection, and the lifting harmonies make the morose lyrics even more so.
  6. Farawyn

    Monday December 10, 2018

    Good Morning. I'm here at work, and my office, no, the whole school, is FREEZING! I am working with my fingerless gloves on. Quite the statement. To backtrack a few days, nothing is worse than Disturbed's version of Sounds of Silence. NOTHING. I like heavy music, and I don't mind a good remake, but this is just morose, and not in a good way. My 2 cents. Far's Mom's Bday was last week. I had her come out, we got our nails done. Some Hot Dude cooked dinner for her, and I made brownies. She then slept over as we drank wine and Prosecco! A fun night was had by all. This weekend we put up lights and inside decorations. Everything but the tree. I also got about half of my Christmas shopping done, but I think I'm out of money... Tweety, the teeth look great. I was very jealous of your beach pic. BC, did you guys get FREE FOOD and drinks for your DD's Bday? Go to Cakes' place. Joe, I'm glad you didn't get sick. It's that time of year. Steph, I love you poking in more. NOSTARS, I love that the CBD isn't working, yet you're still giving it the ol' college try.I wish my Dad had some of that when he was addicted to opiates. j22, i see you! Thanks for adding me on FB... I hope I didn't forget anyone. I've read you all. Happy Monday!
  7. Farawyn

    Thursday, Dec 6, 2018

    Your son is HOT!
  8. Farawyn

    Wednesday December 5, 2018

    Hey all! Busy busy busy!!! Tweety, I loved your story about your niece. My nephew came about about 10 years ago to my very religious in laws. it was initially a nightmare, to the point where my ex and I were going to take the kid in. It all resolved and he's happy. All these kids need is support.
  9. Heyyyyyyyy awl! I'm at work listening to Christmas music. I finally folded. I think I'm getting a bit of a cold, trying like hell to fight it, because I have so much to do. As we all do, yes? I think Boston finally caught up with me, because I sacked out in front of the tv last night and woke up to see a couple was going to LOVE IT, on Love it or List it. Today is a paperworky day, then off to take Far's Mom to PT and grocery shopping. Then dinner with Some Hot Dude. Hope you all have a good day. No Stars and Tweety, feel better!
  10. Farawyn

    Monday December 3, 2018

    And it was!!!:inlove:
  11. Farawyn

    Monday December 3, 2018

    They had a big special on Lisa Ling last night about furries. CNN Now or something? I don't get the channel, but I'm going to look for it online during my lunch. My friend saw it, and he said it was good.
  12. Farawyn

    Monday December 3, 2018

    Good morning! I had such a good time meeting BC. She is soooooooooo beautiful, and tiny and funny and sweet. We went to a crazy fun Japanese place for dinner. My friend, who I met years ago from my LOTR boards, seems to be some sort of minor celebrity. I couldn't go anywhere all weekend without people shoving food and drinks at us. BostonFNP had family obligations, and he missed out!!! 'Cause we are cool. All in all a very nice weekend. Happy Hanukkah to all those who celebrate.
  13. Farawyn

    Sunday, December 2, 2018

    I posted them on my FB, D! BC is adorable. She's so tiny!!!
  14. Farawyn

    Thursday November 29 2018

    Hey all. I'm trying to keep this up. FB is not evil. I take breaks politically. You have to, or else you go crazy. Other than that, like Ted says, I talk to my cousins now. I talk to kids from grade school. I'm in several groups. It's a good way to keep up with people. It's cold here, today. I have my space heater on here at work. Joe, what do you DO at those conventions? Is it "adult" themed? I'm interested in all kinds of cosplay and fandom. Today is my Friday as I am going to the convention tomorrow in Hartford. A nurses' convention. NOT adult themed. Sadly. Then on to Boston!!! NoStars, I hope you're feeling better. Love to you all.