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Ivanna_Nurse has 7 years experience and specializes in CCU MICU Rapid Response.

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  1. Ivanna_Nurse

    disappointed and disgusted

    you took the words right out of my mouth. My sister is a dancer and she makes a waaaayyy better wage than me :/
  2. Ivanna_Nurse

    Night Nurse Marital Strife >:-(

    You could switch to days, or invest in earplugs. Does he feel like they can't be in the house because you're sleeping? If that's the case maybe try discussing it, getting his input and why he feels like that. Are you able to take ds to a caregiver on off days from school?? Maybe you could work a few nights during the week. I hope things get better :) hugs, ivanna
  3. Ivanna_Nurse

    Looking fresh after 12 hours

    My regime~ Bare Minerals for my face, with a little of the warmth on my cheeks, a bit of camel colored pencil smudged on the lids, covergirl lash blast mascara (no need for waterproof, it doesnt run) and some sort of chap stick. I agree with the previous post, if I dont look/smell decomposed by the end of the shift, tis all good :)
  4. Ivanna_Nurse

    You ONLY work 3 days a week!

    Hugs to you. I am going through the same thing, somewhat. My hubs is working a job not much over minimum wage. He works 5 days a week (10a to 6p), but feels like it'd be no big deal for me to pick up another shift or two a week. I currently work 3 12s nite shift Sometimes I feel like an ass saying, that it isnt fair for me to work a million days a week and still have to pick the kids up, wrangle them into the tub and try to get myself ready for work. I feel your pain. Just know that you aren't alone. :) Hope things get better as spring heads our way. Hugs, Ivanna
  5. Ivanna_Nurse

    Grandpa under-going third heart surgery

    Well wishes and prayers for you and your family. :) :heartbeat Ivanna
  6. Ivanna_Nurse

    Are YOU a closet Pen Addict?

    Yes Yes Yes !!!! Sarasa is a good brand for lefties who dont like black pinkies... My favorite right now is the papermate profile- they write soo nice. I have painted each and every clicky tip and the side of the barrel with special sparkle paint so I know if you have stolen my pen. Somebody mentioned black for writing and yellow for highlighting; this is also how I roll. My dentist office has these twisty rubber gripped pens with highlighters on the end... I shamelessly ask if they have any every time I, or any of the children are in the office. Man those are nice... Love clicky highlighters and in all colors too... Staples is Ivanna's Favorite place!!!! :)
  7. Ivanna_Nurse

    Nurses show your personality, what kind of car do you drive?

    we just sold the geo prism that had 270k miles on it... that leaves us with the 03 chrysler sebring convertible and the 96 ford lariat. that dang geo got better gas mileage than both the others, but the sebring is a lil easier on the eyes.. There is a chrysler 300 in my immediate future.. :D Ivanna
  8. Ivanna_Nurse

    Mucus vs. Mucous and other pet peeves

    ummm... how bout often? the T is silent, therefore, pronunciation is o-fen?
  9. Ivanna_Nurse

    Mucus vs. Mucous and other pet peeves

    How bout.... THEIR and THERE YOUR and YOU'RE ENSURE and INSURE It drives me crazy.