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  1. jennylee321

    Why is everyone's username not their real name?

    What a topic haha Tis the season to be trolling
  2. jennylee321

    Fellow Nurse with a no moral compass

    I recommend you stay out of it and find a new best friend. Separate yourself from the bad seed ASAP
  3. jennylee321

    Your Period and Its Spiritual Significance

    As I read this article I am experiencing some pretty hideous cramps and sorry I do not believe they have healing power or that I'm a stronger woman for having them. I see them as a reason for missing school and other fun activities when I was growing up. I think of the dread I have lying awake from them when I know I have a shift in a few hours. Sorry but pain is pain even when it's related to womanhood, yes maybe birth is beautiful for some people and it empowers them. But I bet you if someone went through all of labour and at the end of it all they birthed a menstrual lining it would neither be "all worth it" or empowering.
  4. jennylee321

    How many parties did you attend when you were in high school?

    Any context to this question ? Lol
  5. jennylee321

    Call The Midwife

    Love this show ! Hence my username :up:

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