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    Thank you, I would appreciate that, it’s so kind of you.
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    Just venting. I just had a huge fight with my husband. I’m an OR nurse and re deployed to do other things during the covid crisis, but I’m not on the front lines. I have been deeply upset by information my nurse friends on the front line are telling me; not enough PPE, exhaustion, many are covid positive, one hospitalized, they haven’t seem their kids or families since March, I’m just really upset on their behalf. Anyway, I haven’t really gotten into a deep conversation about it with my husband. And to put it frankly, we are roommates this point and I’m fairly certain he is either having a full on affair with his co worker, or it’s an emotional affair of some kind. I only know that because I read their text messages and he was calling himself her “work husband” and her asking him to do things with his response that it’s his “husbandly duty”, as well as using terms such as “anything for you” but he doesn’t respond to my text messages except with a yes, no, OK. Anyway, I was upset today as another friend is positive. So, I was expressing my feelings of being upset and him pretty much not responding, maybe not listening and I said, you don’t care do you; my friends are having a rough time. And he said that everyone is having a hard time. I blew up at that point. Anyway, I’m just venting. I’m trying to hang in there until my 13 year old is at least is high school, but today was an eye opener. No need to respond, I’m just dumping.

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