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    So here's the story.... I am a CNA working in SW Arkansas at a skilled nursing facility. I work overnight 10-6 and have seen many things I do not agree with. A few of my coworkers have been neglecting patients, sleeping on the clock (in patient rooms on unoccupied beds), not doing brief changing rounds for up to 6 hours, when they are supposed to be every two hours... and i was absolutely horrified! So i decided to write in a journal a few things while I'm on shift. Now let me tell you, at first I did not intend on speaking to the CNA supervisor about this, because I didn't want everyone hating me or to lose my job. But tonight it went a little too far.. I was shadowing on a new hall i had never worked, and i use my journal also to write down things about my patients... to get familiar with their needs. I had my journal on a desk I was using and another aide asked for my help, I left it there and when I returned, it had been gone through and the page descripting my last horrible shift was missing... I immediately asked my supervising nurse a question, and it goes as follows.. "Can I ask for your advice?" I say "Yes go ahead" "I have a journal i document things in and use for work here on the table and someone has gone through it and taken a sheet out" "Well it wasn't me. But let me tell you up front, I don't like snitches." I say "Okay. Well I just want to know who took my paper and I need it back" She proceeds to tell me that what I wrote is inappropriate and quotes it word for word. So I know she has read it. To which I respond "not only is it against my judgement the things I've seen done here, its called neglect and it's AGAINST THE LAW." She tells me that if i say anything I'll get my "tail whooped" and i respond "Im not worried about that, i am in my workplace" and she says "Well you need to be worried about it!" So after being threatened I tell her I can not stay there and be abused by the rest of the staff, because they are all surrounding me talking about me. So I am leaving the nursing home. As soon as I get to my car, I call my supervisor and tell her I'm leaving for the night after an argument with my nurse and being threatened.. and all she says is "Well Rachel you know thats considered job abandonment we'll have to speak about this." Now its 3AM so I'm going to speak to her in person tomorrow, but honestly now I'm worried I'll lose my certification if they report me for job abandonment and itll follow my medical career looming over me forever. So i guess it all boils down to my question.... Can i be reported for abandonment and reprimanded, when i felt unsafe and was threatened by coworkers (with authority)... also i was technically not assigned any residents, as I was shadowing or orientating if you will... Thanks for any answers!