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  1. rnforforty

    What Would You Do?

    I love 'Earth Abides' also. My favorite post-apocalyptic book.
  2. rnforforty

    What Would You Do?

    As far as seeing a difference between my patients and my employer- my employer is a private technical college and I have no patients. I could not simply abandon my disabled spouse in favor of going to take care of patients at the local hospital, could I? Who would care for him?
  3. rnforforty

    What Would You Do?

    I'd have to say I would be dealing with nursing issues at home. My husband is disabled, on oxygen, and terminal. So my course is plain. Also, I teach CNA's and am employed by a school and not a nursing home or hospital. And having worked for 3 of the four hospitals in this area I can rather selfishly say 'they are on their own' - after working for one for 30 years I was shown the extent of their loyalty, along with a lot of other long term, faithful employees and made redundant - we made too much money! Ageism is alive and well in America!

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