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    My ex girlfriend had Schizephrenia

    My ex girlfriend had schizephrenia. She was from the Philipines and we dated for 2 yrs. She developed it in her late teens when her parents divorced. She only told me she had the illness after 10 months knowing her. Probably because she didn't want me to leave her. I wish she could have been honest with me up front first. It was really hard to deal with it even though the medication did help. She took little issues to the extreme and was taking things the wrong way when explaining things to her and getting so emotional over nothing. One time she wanted to break up and than suddenly wanted to get engaged. Also she was unsure if she loved me sometimes. I wouldn't recommended dating a schizephrenic unless you really love them and want to go to all the trouble of dealling with it. But the relationship wasn't all bad. We had good times as well where it seemed like she was under control. She loved having fun. We then came to a decision to break up because of the things she was saying to me. It became to much to deal with and making me stressed. I'm only 23.

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