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  1. They are all fraud. They know it will not pass the senate but they can pat themselves on the back saying they repealed ACA for the 100th time.
  2. They are not getting rid of it. Just another exercise in futility. They will vote to say they voted and the senate will shut it down. Welcome to democrazy 101
  3. Atl-Murse

    I'm scared

    A Lil dramatic. Remember how they said Obama was the antichrist and end of the USA? I can't stand cheeto Jesus but trust in the Democratic process. If it gets really bad ,both party legislative body will force him out if only to save the behind
  4. Atl-Murse

    Shaven Pubic Hair

    I can't believe you came back into nursing to survey pubic hair. You could do that at the strip club.
  5. Atl-Murse

    Glorified maids & Overpaid Babysitters...Really?

    Everything posted online is true. I just read H Clinton was previously married to D Trump, that must be true it's online
  6. Atl-Murse

    Glorified maids & Overpaid Babysitters...Really?

    You ummmm wanted post links to said comment ? ANA is like any organization, they choose who is likely to support them. Trump is likely to dump more money into the defense industry rather than healthcare. Just follow the money
  7. OP, can you post a summary in 1-2 paragraph ? Maybe it would be readable
  8. Atl-Murse


    I am a recent convert to the United Church of Bacon and would like to spread the good, greasy, salty WORD to my co workers, how do I do this without " crossing the line" Praise be to the Bacon Yeah I am so serious about this bacon thing;maybe my boss will pay me with bacon do you think I should ask her ?
  9. Atl-Murse

    Big Butt Problem

    Pictures or it's not true lol Calm down people, the phrase "no homo" means, I like it but not in a sexual way it's not meant to disrespect