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working in a free clinic

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    Patient Dilemma after Discharge

    In my opinion, you should not do it. Since she was in your direct care, you are not on an even playing field in the relationship you have with her. That could put either of you in a difficult spot if something goes wrong. One scenario that comes to mind: house catches on fire; lady says, "oh, I thought I could trust her since she took care of me." You don't really know her to know the ins and outs of her personality. She might have been lovely in the hospital but might not always be lovely. What if her home is totally different than your idea of how things should be? What if she's a hoarder? What if she's a billionaire and lives like one? What expectations might she have in either situation? What might yours be? Would those expectations work with each other? How about asking your boss if the facility that employs you has any rules about such things. If it does, you can't do it, period. Lots of places do have such rules.
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    My concience is beating me up....

    And...sooner or later someone will audit the medication administration records. Some auditors can close the facility. You'd be soooo much better off reporting things now rather than waiting for this to be discovered otherwise.
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    My concience is beating me up....

    with all this discussion, it occurs to me that the other nurse might read here too...
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    My concience is beating me up....

    to distance yourself from her, i think you should tell her what you're thinking and say all of that makes you feel you need to distance yourself. i think she could have some personality issues that might come back at you, but you truly do need to distance yourself. it's never good to be caught in the middle of a tricky situation. i have to say, it would not be your reporting things that would be the cause of her losing her job, if that happened. it would be her actions. you would just be the messenger in the reporting.
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    My concience is beating me up....

    What you kept to yourself is doing no one any favors. She could have killed the patient. Would you want that on your conscience? Rhetorical questions and unveiled opinions follow: Double Ativan dose? If the first was a large dose, and the patient had already been given a little big extra, how much did the patient actually get? Enough for an elephant? Enough to cause repiratory slowing? or worse? Narcan isn't given for too much Ativan. Does she even understand the meds? Does she look them up? Doesn't she have to indicate what she gave on the MAR? or in the Pyxis or other machine that dispenses meds? Isn't Ativan on the controlled substance list that requires more than signing out on the simple MAR? How do you know all these things? Did she tell you? Did you see it happen? Did you look at the MAR? Does she know you covered for her? Isn't this a bit of a creepy pact? If she told you, or knew you knew, and you didn't confront her AND do more, well...why was this even remotely ok? What else does she give to patients that you don't know about? Optimist, you must report this. You must stand in your truth. I get it that your job as well as hers is at risk here, but what she did and seems to think is ok, is so dangerous. We can't just give meds because we think it's a good idea. It's so legally and morally inappropriate. We can't stick by peers who are doing something that could hurt a dependent person in terribly ways, and when it's illegal as well as twitty or stupid...well.... (I will now get off my soapbox and calm down.)
  6. If there was an Office Supplies Anonymous, you would have to bring a pen and legal pad with you to meetings, dontchaknow... Have you ever noticed that when you lose a pen, another one shows up in your stash soon afterwards? I think they have met with each other to keep such things happening...
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    What's on Your Bucket List?

    Since my parents passed away I've been working to accomplish those things on my own bucket list. I saw that they put their bucket list on the back-burner and I'm not going to do that. Here's my list, what I can remember of it: 1. Go to Rome and see where my husband went to school and lived there (done) 2. Go to Norway and see where my husband's family originated (done) 3. Go to my own family's home country 4. Get a professional manicure 5. Work toward not looking like a bag-lady when off work 6. Do work that I feel makes a genuine difference (in progress) 7. Help my children reach their dreams (in progress) 8. Live in downtown Chicago (done) 9. Get something published 10. Learn Spanish Thank you, OP, for starting this thread!
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    I just put Epocrates (student, free version) on my IPod Touch, and it has lots of things the older version doesn't have. I like it alot. I had it on a Blackberry and the ITouch version is MUCH better.
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    No big deal, I'm just dying, that's all

    you said your whole head had shut down and you couldn't breathe....that's not feeling good!
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    They Think I'm a WITCH!

    Yes, bad things happen to good people, and people who don't smoke get lung cancer. I still think you can draw negativity to you by being negative....
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    They Think I'm a WITCH!

    I think if people are full of anger and vinegar, like some of the people you wrote about seem to be, eventually their negativity will turn on them. I don't think you had anything to do with it....you were just their victim, coincidentally...
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    Has Obama gone too far?

    People keep saying that Obama's healthcare bill (which would include things about nursing schools) says this and that, so I found it and have been reading parts that pertain to complaints. Here's the site so you can read it too. It's very long. Just open it and then search for pertinent words: http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/z?c111:H.R.3200:
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    Thousands and Thousands!

    I think nurses work hard enough, that they deserve any down time they can get, here or elsewhere!
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    move over allnurses

    There is treatment for online addictions. But....it's online! I'm not kidding....
  15. It says three day's worth, which could be one patch, BUT...wow!! Drug abuse continues in the world....
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    Use of term "that's so gay" at work

    then I stand firm as immature and silly, even though I don't interpret it in one way only!
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    Use of term "that's so gay" at work

    I think the use of such terms, even if not intended to be hurtful, shows an attitude, conscious or unconscious, and it should be considered....
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    Use of term "that's so gay" at work

    I also hate the words "nuts", "crazy", "loony", and other mental illness references. One person told me she thought those words just meant "silly." arrrggghhh
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    Use of term "that's so gay" at work

    the term is quite offensive to me too, and I tell 'em so.....
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    House MD

    on House tonight, one of the residents changed House's dressing, which smelled and was all goopy and bloody, and she didn't wear gloves! ack ack ack