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  1. Whispera

    Neen'ers LIF's

    my mystery continues, it seems...
  2. Whispera

    Neen'ers LIF's

    I don't have a clue what a neen'er or a LIF is, so, I'm not one, probably....hmm, I wonder if I AM one???
  3. Whispera

    ixchel's What I Learned This Week 10/3...

    post about it in a different thread...
  4. Whispera

    ixchel's What I Learned This Week 10/3...

    good to know
  5. Whispera

    ixchel's What I Learned This Week 10/3...

    ....... !!!!!!!!!
  6. Whispera

    Life is an Algebraic Equation

    uhhh...what'd you say???
  7. Whispera

    AN.com Anonymous

    You're thinking there's a problem with this addiction???? Hmmm....
  8. Whispera

    Okay, people, go away!

    ....time is almost up... ...and... ...a 60 year old can't be a cam-person? why? ... ...and... ...my elipsis-ing fetish continues...
  9. Whispera

    I have cancer

    I'll keep you in my thoughts too...warm wishes for all good things to you!
  10. Whispera

    In a panic

    You worked oodles of years and so did he. You both paid into the "system" to help those who can't pay for what they need. This includes you! I don't think you should feel bad if you need to apply for help! That's what it's there for. You said you've arranged a payment plan. How about talking to whoever provided care (hospital, doctors, etc.) and seeing if they have any programs to forgive part of what's owed? My adult son developed perotinitis and had extreme surgery and a long recouperation period during which he lost his job and insurance. The hospital wrote off his bill. The surgeon and anesthesiologist arranged payment plans and forgave 1/2 of his bills. These aren't things they tell you about unless you ask, but lots of providers have such things. You just have to ask about them. There were lots of forms to fill out, but that was so much less stressful for my son than trying to figure out where about $50,000 would come from.
  11. Whispera

    what is in your locker?

    Y'all have lockers????
  12. Whispera

    LUV; don't play the stupid game; I'm a different kinda

    I'm a chunk-learner too. It works quite nicely for me.
  13. Whispera

    Esme12 appreciation thread

    Yay for you too, Stargazer! :yelclap:
  14. Whispera

    Esme12 appreciation thread

    I totally agree! I look forward to reading Esme's words!!
  15. Whispera

    Started Antidepressants

    All an antidepression medication will do to help you is let you feel happy if good things happen, as well as to be motivated to do things...IF you have a deficit of certain neurotransmitters in your brain. They won't do a thing for you if you have lots of crud in your life. The only thing that can help that is decreasing the crud. It sounds like your job is pretty full of crud. Antidepressants and anxiolytics have their place, but they don't make life lovely if it's a black hole....

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