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  1. Leonardsmom,LPN

    Thursday October 6 2016

    Good morning, Slept in this morning until 9am. Felt nice to do so and not have to get going first thing in the morning. Still waiting to hear from my friend from school if she will be able to meet for lunch. If we do meet will probably stop at Playmakers (shoe store) they are one of the few places that carry Danskos in the area. I have been wanting to get another pair so I can rotate between them especially when working several days in a row. Drinking first cup of coffee and thinking might have a second before grabbing a shower. Need to do some cleaning, although have been procrastinating on that. Joe hope things go smoothly for getting ready for your trip. Not sure how the weather for the west side of state is suppose to be this weekend, but at least in my neck of the woods it is looking like sunny and warm days cool nights. South Haven is nice, although one of my favorite places is Grand Haven. When the weather is warmer they have camping on the beach right off the lake. The sunsets are always beautiful anywhere on the west side off the lake. BC definitely can believe that people are having more issues with their asthma. I have noticed myself having more flare ups, and usually do in the winter. Far I agree would love to see Joe on his dates with J. Just reading about them makes me smile. Well I have procrastinated long enough this morning. Time to get moving and get some things done.
  2. Leonardsmom,LPN

    Wednesday October 5, 2016

    Rose_Queen sorry to hear that. While there may be times at a job things might not be good and might not want to go in, it is not normal for it to be an everyday occurrence. When I worked as a CNA years ago I had a job that drove me to that point, I was burnt out, had no support from management and dreaded going to work. As soon as I was able to line up another job I left. While every place has its issues, the change allowed me to recover from my burnout and another job a year later reignited my desire to return to school for nursing. At times change of environment is a good thing.
  3. Leonardsmom,LPN

    Wednesday October 5, 2016

    Got a nice bit of news today, the company is all of the nursing staff a raise. Effective Friday I will be making an additional $2.15. Some of the day shift aides were not happy with what they are getting, since they will also be starting shift differentials. However for the what they are giving in raises, it is still one of the better ones that I have seen over the years working in health care in these type of settings. Now hoping they may be able to get more hired in the building.
  4. Leonardsmom,LPN

    Wednesday October 5, 2016

    Got a nice bit of news today, the company is all of the nursing staff a raise. Effective Friday I will be making an additional $2.15. Some of the day shift aides were not happy with what they are getting, since they will also be starting shift differentials. However for the what they are giving in raises, it is still one of the better ones that I have seen over the years working in health care in these type of settings. Now hoping they may be able to get more hired in the building.
  5. Leonardsmom,LPN

    Wednesday October 5, 2016

    Good morning all, Last day of this current 3 day stretch of work. I have tomorrow off, and then I work the next 3. Have next Monday Tuesday and Wednesday off, going to take those days for my self and even if begged and offered bonuses will be saying no. Tomorrow I have tentative plans to meet up with a friend from school for lunch. It has been a couple of months since we were able to get together, between my busy work schedule and her starting the third semester of the nursing program we have both been busy. The transition to the emar has been going fairly well, although trying to find time to chart during shift has been difficult. Some of it due to learning the new system, the other part due to helping other nurses that usually don't work the floor, or don't work the floor during day shift. Trying not to think about how staffing will look like today, at least not for the next 15 minutes. Yesterday when I left we only had 2 nurses on the schedule, when we need a minimum of 4. Hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst. Have a good Wednesday all, will check back in later.
  6. Leonardsmom,LPN

    Monday October 3 2016

    Good day all, Just a quick drop in as I take a few minutes for myself off the floor. Started the new emars and etars today along with computer charting. Bit of an adjustment but so far okay. Short staff in CNAS, my aides where not able to take a lunch so bought them and myself pizza. Have a good team working the floor with me, so figure it is a small way to show my appreciation, along with the fact I am unable to eat an entire pizza by my self. Have a great Monday all.
  7. Leonardsmom,LPN

    Friday September 30, 2016

    Good morning all, Enjoying my day off today, got up at 9am after a full 8 hours of sleep. Currently enjoying my first cup of coffee, and catching up on a couple of my tv shows that I enjoy watching that I have missed this week. Going to see my nephew in the homecoming parade this evening, hoping that it isn't raining, currently it is gray and cool out. No doubts that fall is here, some of the trees have already started to turn. Decided tomorrow to go in and help with entering patients mars and tars into the computer, we go live with the system on Monday and still have 30 people that need to be entered along with any new admits that come in before Monday. Also agreed to come in on Monday to work the floor, they want to have an extra nurse on each unit when we go live, to hopefully make things easier if we have any hiccups. Figured it would be less stressful to have a lighter patient load the first time we start using the new system. Hope everyone enjoys their Friday :)
  8. Leonardsmom,LPN

    Thursday September 29, 2016

    Good morning all, Have fun with in Ireland StNeoster, hope your flight goes smoothly. Tweety have a good day at work, currently in the parking lot right now waiting to head in for my shift today. Hope it goes well with orientating the new nurse, had to train a new nurse myself a month ago (talk about feeling like the blind leading the blind). Hoping for a fairly smooth day, I am finally starting to get more familiar with my set that I am working, yesterday was pretty much on time with my med passes and was able to get my charting done during my shift. Might have a new admit coming in today, their admission has been delayed the last two days, have a feeling I will not be so lucky today. After today I have the next 4 days off, might go in on Saturday to help with entering residents into the emar for our change to going completely computerized starting Monday. Tomorrow I am planning on sleeping in, and later in the day going to see the homecoming parade that my nephew is participating in, representing the 5th grade for his school. The rest of my time off, I plan on taking the time and relaxing, have a scarf that I am working on. Might be able to get that done, we will see. Have a good Thursday all.
  9. Good evening all, Gosh it has been sometime since I last stopped by. Life continues to be busy and hectic. Originally was going to transfer to a facility closer to home, however after a month of no one ever returning my calls and the only way to get a hold of anyone was stopping by in person, I decided I did not like the signs and would stay where I have been. Now working 12 hour day shifts, and work continues to be busy. Just about every pay period I have at least 20 hours of overtime. This payperiod depending on how many hours I end up putting in tomorrow I will be close to 50 hours of overtime in a two week period. We have had some new staff hired in, hopefully they will stay. Also going to computer charting and emars starting next Monday, and of course this week they have only started entering the mars and tars into the system. I am sure they will ask me to pick up hours this weekend, still thinking if I will do so or tell them sorry but can't. Have already decided I will not pick up hours for on the floor if I do decide to help out. Time to unwind and try to get to bed at a decent hour tonight, 4 am comes way too soon. Hoping this weekend to get a chance to read up on all that has been happening.
  10. Leonardsmom,LPN

    Sundee Aug 14 teeaitch

    Good evening all, Past few days have been busy. Between Wendesday Thursday and Friday I ended up working a total of 40 hours. I got home yesterday morning at 6:00 am (about 6 hours later than I should have). Had this weekend off. Yesterday I spent most of the day sleeping. Woke up at about 2 in the afternoon, was awake for a couple of hours and than fell back asleep until about 8pm. Got something to eat and stayed up till about midnight and went back to bed again. Today i have been a bit more productive, went to the bank (my bank has limited Sunday hours), stopped by the store to pick up stuff for lunch the next few days. Also had dinner with my family and was able to visit for a little while. Looking forward to this coming Thursday, planning on taking my nephew to the Detroit Zoo. They opened a new penguin house earlier this year, and about a week ago had a baby giraffe born at the zoo. Should be a fun day as long as the weather holds off. Depending on when you look and what forecast you look at they are predicting anything from sunny and in the 80's to thunderstorms. Going to enjoy the rest of my evening relaxing, and hope that this upcoming week is better.
  11. Leonardsmom,LPN

    Wednesday August 10, 2016

    Good evening all, Staffing is a bit better on the floors, although still keeping me busy. Had a patient that had emesis with possible aspiration of tube feed so got an order from our PA for a chest X-ray, waiting for them to come out to do so. Also training a new nurse, which to me feels unreal being as new as I am myself. Although I have come to realize that there is a lot that I have learned in the past two months already. Fortunately the girl I am training was already warned by her friend that works here about the condition of the place, so hopefully no real big surprises. They finally figured out the hours from my last paycheck that I didn't get paid for, so should be getting a check from them by Friday. Sabby going to remember your advice, and try to practice it as best as I can. Time to head back to the floor. Have a good night all.
  12. Leonardsmom,LPN

    Tuesday August 9 2016

    Afternoon, Was another long day yesterday didn't get out of work until 4 in the morning, once I got everything done. Made the decision to transfer to a facility closer to home. Put in my request and waiting to see if it will be able to be done, since there might be issues with the time of how long I have been there. Treating myself to a late lunch early dinner at Olive Garden today. Once I get home plan on spending the rest of the evening relaxing. Hope everyone has a good Tuesday.
  13. Leonardsmom,LPN

    Monday August 8 2016

    Good evening all, Actually getting a lunch break this evening, first one in a while. Things are looking like they might be getting better with the staffing at work. Today they increased the number of nurses on the floor, and we are suppose to be keeping the increased staffing. Will see what happens over time. It is nice to be able to actually get my med pass done in a timely matter, have a few minutes to be able to spend with my patients and not feel like I have to run in and out of their room to keep from getting too far behind. I have tomorrow off and plan on spending the day relaxing. I kept meaning to set up an appointment to get my nails done on Tuesday but never seemed to find the time to do so. Will probably give her a call tomorrow and see if by chance she has an opening for tomorrow, if not will see if I can get in one of the mornings before heading to work. Other than that plan on stopping by the gym since it has been a few days. Hope eveyone's Monday has gone well.
  14. Leonardsmom,LPN

    Sunday August 7th, 2016

    Good evening all, It has been one heck of a weekend at work. Don't remember what I had posted yesterday. We continued to work short on the floor with nurses and aides for the acuity (spelling?) of the residents/patients that we had. 8 o'clock morning med passes not getting finished until 1 pm. Had family members from patients on other halls seeking me out to ask to talk from someone in management about staffing and the care their loved one was receiving (I gave the wife of one patient the number of our administrator to call, with the promise that she would not tell her who have her the number). Yesterday I had one of my patients who was on hospice enter the active stage, with trying to keep the rest of my patients safe, also trying to make sure that she was being kept comfortable. On another hall we had a gentleman with a trach decannulate himself twice in a four hour period. The second time was just after shift change and I had shown a new admit and their family on that hall to their room. Not a great first impression for the family, and before they would let the aide even take vitals wanted to see the nurse who of course was trying to get things taken care of to send the gentleman out. So ended up jumping in to help the best I could on getting his paperwork filled out so he would be ready to go when EMS got there. We also had a resident make an allegation of abuse against the nurse on another hall, in which nothing had been reported to the administrator until this morning. To top it all off, the area where the facility is at was under a boil water advisory this weekend which meant we had to use bottled water until almost 5pm today. That and I just realized that I used that tap water this morning to make coffee at the hotel this morning before I left to go to work. Probably should check into why there was an advisory. Honestly I don't think that any movie or reality TV show could match the chaos that went on this weekend. Will have to wait to see what this week brings and if management finally gets that they can not keep staffing us the way they are, or if they will tell us that we need to be better at managing our time. Any patient or family member that asks or comments to me about the staffing I acknowledge their concerns, and encourage them to talk to management, maybe they will listen to them. I find it amazing that I can still think clearly after everything.
  15. Leonardsmom,LPN

    Saturday - August 6th, 2016 - Good Morning!

    Good evening all, just doing a quick drop by. Worked a hectic 16 hour shift today and back again at 6:30 for what I am sure will turn out to be another 16 hour day. Didn't get much sleep last night and considering the time I need to be in at work tomorrow I decided to get a hotel room for the night instead of driving the hour home to get up at 4am to get ready and drive the hour back to work. Off to bed, the nice thing at least is that I get to sleep in an air conditioned room only have a 15 minute drive to work in the morning.