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  1. applejackcrunch

    "Fifty Shades"

    That amazon review is hilarious. Absolutely awful writing, and to make matters worse, it was originally written as Twilight fanfiction on fanfiction.net. If you read it, see if you can find the parallels between the characters and other bits of the story. Also, "mommy porn" (as derogatory as that term is) is typically erotic literature or movies that are popular and available in stores, are marketed toward women, and are marked as mature or adult. Apparently women are less likely to enjoy or want to consume the more "mainstream pornography" that is typically marketed toward male audiences.
  2. applejackcrunch

    Atkins and Paleo, high fat NOT high protein VENT

    Thanks for posting this! Paleo worked well for me the time I was on it- at least my IBS symptoms were less frequent. I've seen quite a few Paleo blogs and posts on forums saying that the biggest thing about the diet is the bulk of protein- absolutely not true. Paleo itself doesn't even necessarily need to be low-carb, either. Fruits and sweet potatoes are on the list, though most people would tell you not to eat them unless you are very active.

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