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  1. traumaRUs

    TraumaRUs's Rules for Air Travel

    - thanks everyone. I wrote these tongue in cheek. I usually fly 2-5 times per year and it seems that every time people are even more rude. What has been your experience?
  2. traumaRUs

    TraumaRUs's Rules for Air Travel

    So, I was traveling across the country recently and realized that some of my fellow citizens don't know how to travel. So....yes, I've appointed myself to be the rule maker for the traveling US public. Here are my rules: 1. When the airlines advise you to get to the airport 1-2 hours prior to your flight, they really mean it. Now depending on the size of your airport you CAN fudge the time a little bit. I actually live 20 minutes from my little airport, the TSA line is never long, I can quickly check luggage if I need to and get to my gate with plenty of time. However, just because YOU are late, doesn't necessarily mean I'm gonna let you cut in line at a big airport just because you planned wrong or worse yet....counted on kind folks to let you cut in line after they have been standing for an hour in line. 2. The counter agents at the gate tell you that your bag isn't going to be able to go on and will need to be checked because they have a full flight....please believe them. Yes, you HAVE to check your oversize carry-on even if you say, "well it fits on every other plane." Take their word for it - its their job. And don't come on to the plane, realize all the overhead bins are full and you must now back out of the plane and check it anyway. 3. And while we are at it, one carry on and one personal item - they mean it. Please don't think your wheeled carry on, backpack and oversized purse are TWO items, they are NOT! No...you can't invade my foot space because you have too many carry ons. 4. We all know that cabin pressure makes us think we need to talk louder, but please don't talk LOUD throughout the entire flight. There's no reason to share your conversations with us...unless its some juicy gossip that I could understand. 5. I know that the airlines often ask you to check your strollers, personal wheelchairs and scooters. However, then please either go to the bathroom with assistance or ask a flight attendant to help. The poor lady a few rows in front of me lost her balance and almost fell. 6. When we get to our destination and its time to deplane, why are you pushing your way to the front of the line? Guess what? You still can't get out of the plane until the door opens. And the plane still bumps around while its getting attached to the skyway, so don't fall into my lap. 7. Picking up luggage - again there is no reason to push to the head of the line, relax your special piece of baggage will be on its way soon. So...maybe if everyone follows traumarus's rules for airline travel, the world will be a better place. Thank you. What rules of air travel would YOU like to see?
  3. traumaRUs

    why is no one talking about the dangers of herd mentality?

    Interesting post. I do my own assessments but as I take call I am often at the mercy of the nurse that calls me and must rely on their assessment to determine treatment. Some I totally trust to be right on, while others I have to question A LOT and sometimes I ask them to reassess and call me back or get me more info.
  4. traumaRUs

    I'm a Prison Mom, 5.5 years Down, 2 more to Go

    Thanks AnnieNP - it is still hard but like with all things, it becomes normal. And that in itself is concerning....
  5. Oh gosh I'm so sorry. Have you all considered counseling? Pain management clinic?
  6. traumaRUs

    How to choose a car?

    Old thread but gotta give my $0.2 - Subaru all the way. Great gas mileage, all wheel drive, comfortable and can easily go 250k before needing to be replaced
  7. traumaRUs

    The Ongoing Frustrations of a Band and Sports Mom, Part 1

    None of us like to have our child either ignored or have negative attention - I'm sorry your daughter is going thru this. And I agree, creepy that the band director took those pics. My husband is a high school teacher and believe me, he is exceedingly careful with anything personal with students.
  8. traumaRUs

    I'm a Prison Mom, 5.5 years Down, 2 more to Go

    @LockportRN - Thanks for sharing. I'm no longer concerned with my son's safety. He is actually in a minimal security prison which is STG-free (security threat group or gangs in common language). My son of course committed a felony but not something drug related - so he stayed in the state system and we are fortunate to be able to visit. Thanks again for the positive story....
  9. traumaRUs

    I'm a Prison Mom, 5.5 years Down, 2 more to Go

    @toomuchbaloney - our son tears off our address when we mail him letters. His is not drug-related nor do we have concern about others coming after us except for some other prisoners that might have weird ideas. My son is in the state system so we do have the option of paying approx $5k for him to be furloughed with guards, handcuffs, shackles if something dire happens to his immediate family. I am sorry for all you've been through.
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  11. traumaRUs

    I'm a Prison Mom, 5.5 years Down, 2 more to Go

    Thanks Daisy - yeah 6 years ago I would have read this and thought "oh that poor family, that could never happen to US!" Little did I know....
  12. My son has now been incarcerated for well over 5 years with 2 more to go. I recently came in contact with our expensive lawyer from the first part of this journey. Just a casual meeting and we exchanged pleasantries - he asked how we were doing and I did the same. I told him that this has forever changed our lives as far as the state of incarceration and prisons go but that we and our son are doing as well as can be expected. He seemed quite relieved and said that he often thinks of us and how he wished it could have turned out differently....and I agreed with a tight smile. I think he did his job to the best of his ability; its just a shame what it has cost us and I don't mean money either. The stress of having a child, even an adult one, in prison is very high. The stress for his child is even more - he misses Dad so much. Taking a child to prison is difficult: they must sit quietly while the adults check in and then they must sit quietly until our name is called, go thru the pat-down and then finally proceed to the visiting room. In the visiting room, the child must sit quietly and not be too loud, they can't make anything that might be interpreted as against the rules, no peace sign as it could be interpreted as a gang sign, no whistling as it has many different connotations in prison, no pointing as that is offensive and considered intrusive, no speaking with other children as that is considered cross-visiting and strictly forbidden. They can go up to the vending machines and purchase food/drinks but must be sure to remove their vending card as you run the risk of someone else taking it if left there. When you travel several hours, visits usually last several hours - its hard on the kids. What child will sit still for hours with little to entertain them? Sometimes there are cards, occasionally a chess set available. Some of the little ones cry and get fussy and many of the toddlers want to run around. However, you risk the ire of the correctional officer in the visiting room if this happens and you don't want to be asked to leave because you then risk having visits suspended. Speaking of the visiting room, the vending machines are the only way to purchase food. Your loved one will look forward to the food as the food they usually get isn't all that good. Our son is one of the fortunate who can go to the commissary and purchase food and he also has a hot pot. The vending machines are expensive, even our grandson noticed the recent hike: Salad (which is very special for the chance to obtain some fresh or somewhat fresh veggies) costs $7.25 Hamburgers and sandwiches are $5.00 to $7.00 Lunchables, snack size are $6.00 Oh and the "good stuff" ie salads, milk, yoghurt sell out frequently and the vending machine company comes once per week. And...make sure they have utensils because you need a fork or spork to eat the salad although our son gladly ate a salad with his fingers during a recent visit because I didn't check the utensil bin prior to purchasing it. However, he was still very thankful. The end of visits can be grueling too - the tears of the children leaving their Dad behind, the tears of parents realizing the enormity of incarceration....our grandson no longer clings to his Dad at the end of visits but still is very sad and feels that he must always reassure his Dad that he will be back "as soon as I can Dad - I miss you so much." Often, our son tears up too at his own son bearing this burden. Our son is in a prison built for 600 and it holds 1200 currently. Out of the 1200, many do not have any family support at all and exist on "state pay" which is $10 per month to purchase any hygiene items they want. Some don't have anyone on the outside that sends them money for phones, commissary or more importantly, visit them. The expense of incarceration is toughest on the poor and disproportionately the poor are more readily incarcerated. This isn't meant to be political at all, but rather a commentary on what families of prisoners, inmates, offenders or whatever you want to call them go thru. I've learned so much in the last 5+ years; none of which I wanted to experience.
  13. traumaRUs

    Tips To Handle Extreme Cold

    In central IL we have had air temps of -18 with wind chills of -48! I lived in Alaska (in the interior not the wanna-be Alaska of Juneau ) for two years and when it got to be -30 air temp it was just cold. Of course, we had engine block heaters too and clothes meant for the arctic winter. Oh and did I mention the dark? Dark as night for approx 5-6 months of the year. Central IL isn't used to this kind of winter - the kids have now been out of school 13 days
  14. traumaRUs

    I'm a Prison Mom Part 3

    Thanks Tweety - long sentences for first offenses are reality. We got our son a private attorney, but unfortunately he had to take a plea as to go to trial would have resulted in a longer sentence and after being involved in this nightmare for >5 years now I know this to be true.
  15. traumaRUs

    Well, hello there...Daily Diary

    Come on and invite your friends. This is YOUR place.

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