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  1. Nascar nurse

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

    15" snow and still falling, 25-30mph winds & temps headed to -17 overnight. All plows have been pulled off the roads for all local counties. NOrthern Indiana is closed.
  2. Nascar nurse

    Dreading December

    I was driving home Friday afternoon after our in-office holiday party. The party was very nice. Love my coworkers. The car radio was playing one of my favorite Christmas songs. Pretty little decorator flakes falling from the sky. What do I do....start sobbing like a baby! Completely lost it & thought I was going to have to pull over (was on a country back road, but still). 20 year old daughter - going to look at an apartment with her boyfriend. 18 year old son - off to the Navy come August & knowing he just may not be here for Christmas next year. A 21 year marriage that probably won't make it until next Christmas (not necessarily a bad thing). keep trying to convince myself I have one last year of traditions & I should enjoy while it's here. Still struggling. Hugs to the rest of you also struggling too.
  3. Nascar nurse

    Trading Places

    Hugs to you Viva!
  4. My name is Nascar Nurse and I am a smoker (head hung in shame). I have smoked my entire adult life and it is time to quit...once again. This is attempt number 4 over the last 15 years. My reasons for quitting: 1. Society HATES smokers. It seems to have become the biggest taboo and even more so if you happen to be a healthcare provider on top of it. 2. My kids have been on my case for years to quit (even tho I only smoke outside) 3. I have had 2 prior DVT's and a family history of Factor V 4. My Dad had a MI at 46 & he was a smoker at the time. I turn 46 in March (I can hear those bells and whistles of impending disaster going off in my head). 5. I have my second pretty severe URI in less than 4 months and I just can't seem to shake it. I've always been the one with a rock solid immunity and suddenly it seems to be failing me. 6. I'm usually stubborn as hell when I put my mind to it and it's time I turn on that stubbornness to benefit myself and kick this happen once and for all. 7. Is next year really going to be any easier to quit than today will be? My last cigarette was at 1:30pm today. It's nearly 10pm now and admittedly I am struggling. I have a choice. I could get out of my PJ's, drive the 5 miles into town and get a pack or I can stick it out and re-think this in the morning. I actually think I can tackle the physical addiction but it's the mental addiction that gives me trouble. I've read all the tricks but I am asking the ex-smokers....how do you keep your head convinced to not just give in? How did you stay strong?
  5. Nascar nurse

    Another Trip Around the Sun

    Just something to remember the next time someone hits that last nerve! LOL
  6. Nascar nurse

    Another Trip Around the Sun

    I'm late but still want to wish you a Happy Birthday as well as wish you a Happy new trip around the sun. Of course I can't speak for your private life but you are SO WELL regarded here at allnurses. You are truely an icon of this board and I often look for your opinion on a given subject. If I could pick just a handful of posters to meet up in real life and share an afternoon with and a good cup of coffee - you would top my list (would love to meet my other geriatric buddy, CCM too). Seriously, if you find yourself having one of those down days, just PM one of us and pour it all out. We may not be able to fix the moment but sometimes it helps to just let it go. All the best to you!
  7. Nascar nurse

    Your page had 2,595 visits so far.

    Well, I don't think I ever checked out your page so I just did and I discovered something fascinating. I joined AN on 7/1/05....You joined 3 DAYS before me. Guess we've both been here for awhile!
  8. Nascar nurse

    Your page had 2,595 visits so far.

    6029 - been here since 2005 (Wow. That is hard to believe) Just what are you people looking at me for...I'm a nobody and not to terribly interesting. LOL
  9. Nascar nurse

    ARRRRRGHHH!!!! Quick vent regarding my fourth grader..

    In addition to my above response, I had a teacher tell me once that since I was concerned about putting my kid on ADD meds that I might want to try having my kid "slam" a mountain dew 15 minutes prior to starting homework at night just to see if it would make a difference. Well the caffeine kicked in and it was amazing! We got thru homework without any tears and without any yelling and in 1/2 the time it normally took us. Could be a simple thing to try.
  10. Nascar nurse

    What's in a Name?

    OMG....You are my cadbury soul sister! (Now that is a catchy name!) :)
  11. Nascar nurse

    ARRRRRGHHH!!!! Quick vent regarding my fourth grader..

    Do not rule out a learning disability just because your child is smart. Maybe if she has received such individual attention the first 3 grades it was just never noticed that she struggled in some areas because she actually got the attention she would need. Now that the extra attention is not there, the problem is shining thru. I thought my son was very bright from an early age. He talked early, had a great vocabulary and clear speech in pre-school (one of the best in the class per his teachers), could put his older sisters puzzles together faster than she could, could do simple addition etc. He got to first grade and started word recognition and hit a brick wall. Despite tears and yelling from me to him...him to me...he could NOT do it. The teacher tried to tell me in a conference it was my fault because I was a working parent and did not spend the time working with him every night. (More tears from me) At the advice of a very good friend of mine, I insisted the school check him for a learning disability. They tried to tell me they thought he was too smart for a learning disability. Once I finally went thru the legal channels to make them test him, turned out he had an IQ of 130is and a severe reading and spelling disability. He is 17 now. With the help of the most fantastic special ed teacher, he has read at grade level with no extra help since 7th grade. His spelling is still horrible and probably always will be. Luckily he lives in this generation because I hear him asking Siri on his iphone "Siri...spell xxxx".
  12. Nascar nurse

    What's in a Name?

    Not to derail the thread but I have to say...my teenagers still love to have spirited and inappropriate supper discussions - to the point that most newcomers are warned prior to sitting down. Seems kids love to see how far they can push Mom into embarrassment. All in good fun and absolutely hilarious (although I try to maintain a Mom face and not let on how funny I really think it is). Say "Cornflakes" around any member of my immediate family and they will respond "Nipples" EVERY TIME...no matter where we are at (dear gawd). One night someone decided we should count all the nipples in the whole house (in the middle of dinner no less)...the cats probably still suffer from PTSD from that night.
  13. Nascar nurse

    What's in a Name?

    Yep, I'm pretty boring. Picked Nascar Nurse back in 2005 when I first joined. At the time my entire family was into Nascar and we often enjoyed very spirited Sunday discussions about who wrecked who, etc. Kids have grown up, Hubby has moved on to drag racing and I have just lost interest in the Nascar scene without all the "spirited discussions" to keep it fun. Have thought about asking for a name change on this forum but I'm not creative enough to come up with something better to request...also, a name change at this point just seems weird. I don't necessarily like my name in real life either but it is who I am - just like my name here. Anyone wanna re-name me? LOL
  14. Nascar nurse

    Weird habits

    My 10 year old cat always "cleans up" around her food dish. She scratches the floor around the dish in the same motion a cat covers up their feces in the liter box, pushes any dropped pieces of food back behind her dish. Now I also have a 2 year old male cat. He was only a couple months old when I noticed he had started cleaning up his messes too. Gee - somehow I've got my cats doing chores and I can't even get my teenagers or husband to clean up after themselves.
  15. Nascar nurse

    Your favorite christmas movie

    I'm 45 years old and will shamelessly admit that my favorite is Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer. Every year it makes me feel the same excitement for Santa that I felt when I watched it at 5 years old. I still want to find the misfit toy island and rescue all those poor toys that no one wants to love. Anyone see that new AFLAC commericial. Love Love Love it! :)

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