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  1. Something wrong with due process before denying someone a constitutional right?
  2. rnmaybe

    President Trump

    If you utilized real news you might learn something. https://www.conservativereview.com/commentary/2016/07/black-trump-supporters-called-uncle-toms http://www.mediaite.com/tv/cnns-marc-lamont-hill-denounces-fellow-panelist-as-mediocre-negro-for-defending-trump/ http://www.mediaite.com/tv/cnns-marc-lamont-hill-denounces-fellow-panelist-as-mediocre-negro-for-defending-trump/
  3. rnmaybe

    President Trump

    Thomas Sowell has stated many things and yes he has supported my claim or should I say I support his claim. Actually there are plenty of his interviews that are also on the web that you could easily find the relevant information.
  4. rnmaybe

    Did Trump get a medical degree from Trump University???

    Nothing has happened but as usual the left goes into chicken little mode with the sky is falling. Why don't you wait until some actual plans have actually been put down on paper instead of the typical knee jerk reactions from some obscure writer trying to stir a non-existent pot?
  5. You guys including Obama brought up Bush for years after Obama so fair is fair.
  6. rnmaybe

    President Trump

    haven't seen anyone laughing at him especially the foaming at the mouth rage from the left.
  7. rnmaybe

    President Trump

    I'll take Thomas Sowell's word on it. Yeah I know he's one of those uppity black Uncle Tom conservatives that the left warns us about.
  8. You mean she misspoke like I pointed out about Obama. She corrected her statement.
  9. rnmaybe

    Did Trump get a medical degree from Trump University???

    Could possibly, might happen... more fake news articles by the agenda driven left. Nothing in concrete facts but a few chosen selective interviews. If the FDA was so great at keeping patients safe why were Vioxx, Darvocet and 33 other drugs that were later pulled by the FDA ever approved?
  10. Obama already re-invaded Iraq don't you remember?
  11. Bring the Zofran and barf bags have you seen what typical liberals look like?
  12. rnmaybe

    I'm scared

    Obsessed about for 50 days before confronting Dowd about it. The guy was the biggest thin skinned narcissist out there not to mention congenital liar.
  13. rnmaybe

    Iran Tested Medium-Range Ballistic Missile

    What else is new? A liberal choosing state sponsors of terrorism over America and freedom is nothing new.
  14. rnmaybe

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    Perhaps your candidate can win in 2020 with all your correct facts. If not enjoy another participation trophy.
  15. rnmaybe

    Did Trump get a medical degree from Trump University???

    Evidence based practice is continually evolving so the science is not always black and white. If Evidence based practice is not peer reviewed it is basically junk science. You libs think by throwing out words like science and calling people ignorant and other names makes you seem intelligent, but you live in the left wing echo chamber hearing what you want to hear.

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