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  1. Libby1987

    President Trump

    Yikes! California offers much more reasonable plans.
  2. Libby1987

    My BF leaving me

    You've got several threads over the past 6 months where there seems to be an underlying issue of things happening to you, not quite victim like, more passenger without command. I think you need to invest the time and effort discovering how to manage your life and all of its interactions versus life managing you. That may not make any sense to you from your perspective now but try to give it some consideration. My mother always advised me to command respect, it took me years to understand what that meant and how to accomplish it. One, it's about self possession, two it's about allowing yourself to both fail and succeed and knowing both are essential to growth, and three it's about not needing others' approval, only your own (and set that bar high enough that you need to make an effort to achieve it but not so high that you can't get close (iow, achievable but challenging).
  3. Libby1987

    If you were tasked to stretch the Medicare Budget..

    No, you expressed it quite well, from a real place.
  4. There are so many requirements and restrictions that make us face palm :facepalm:, what changes, policies etc would you put into place?
  5. Libby1987

    I'll take a burger with a kids meal please!

    It may be too hot to do this now but I think the easiest way to cook is to toss anything in some olive oil and roast in the oven for an hour or so. And roasting makes everything taste better. Another fast decent thing to cook is instant brown rice with a bag of frozen mixed veggies and rotisserie chicken. Breakfast burritos with a big pan of scrambled eggs, salsa and pre shredded cheese. Suoer easy non mayo potato salad: tiny red potatoes or chopped large red potatoes parboiled then finished in hot oven or just boiled then toss with frozen or jarred pesto thinned with olive oil. Aidels precooked chicken sausage with anything. Grilled cheese sandwiches with sourdough and sharp cheddar with side of fresh seasonal fruit. Change up the cheese and/or add ham or prosciutto for variety.
  6. Libby1987

    Pile on threads that last forever, OP long gone

    Maybe it stems from a perception of not being heard in real life?
  7. One thing that would get my back up is my SO minimizing anything I'd tell him by responding with some form of "but you're a nurse, that's what you do". As if we just get used to death or shouldn't be by shocked by anything. Oh another, be tough enough to listen to descriptions when she needs to debrief and get past something in order to join the civilian race and enjoy a date. If she can get do it live and under pressure, at least be able to hear about it now and then without getting squeamish.
  8. Libby1987

    Losing weight for real this time

    When I work out I do, I'm more into strengthening then cardio. I have some weights on the counter that I fool around with while waiting for my tea but that's about it right now. My office job is turning me into a noodle plus I'm working long days (I know). I try to do 12 squats every time I go into the bathroom, which is often LOL, but I forget after the morning gets rolling. I need to build in some habits but I haven't made any stick yet.
  9. Libby1987

    Losing weight for real this time

    I've had good days and over indulgent days, not enough good days to be confident about aging well, too many insulin spike days. And I'm spending too much time and energy on the new office job, I have to cut back or figure out a way to consistently fit in activity and strengthening.
  10. Libby1987

    Okay, people, go away!

    I was going to post about my run in with the law last night and how I learned a new way to **** and ***** but I'll honor your request and keep it to myself.
  11. Libby1987

    For Farawyn, rodeo and other little known details..

    I had those same red Wranglers! I even had a PURPLE pair LOL!
  12. Libby1987

    For Farawyn, rodeo and other little known details..

    Who else wants to share their dirt?
  13. Libby1987

    For Farawyn, rodeo and other little known details..

    Geeks unite! I had a few horses, that particular one was Mary. Bright chestnut with 4 white stockings and blaze, she had horns too lol.
  14. Yes I did the rodeo queen contest circuit. :up: Imagine, it's the 80's. Custom made brightly colored western suits, hair spray, white hats, silver anywhere we could put it, parades, hair spray, on stage interviews, galloping around the rodeo arenas doing the queen salute.. Did I mention hairspray? I didn't win the big one, but held a couple of small titles and awards. Now don't leave me hanging, your turn!
  15. Libby1987

    "I hate the United States"

    She's young?