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    9/12 What I learned this week......

    Yes, I do. It's the first thing I thought of when I hung up the phone this morning. Ugh.
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    9/12 What I learned this week......

    I learned to shut the hell up. I know, I should have already learned that lesson. Here's what happened. Friend: "Do you work tomorrow?" Purp: "I'm on call, but I never actually get called in when I'm on call." *Purp stays up until 1:30 pm.* The phone rings and Purp wonders who in the world would be calling at 6:30 in the morning. Boss-lady: "Hello, we'll need you to come in today."
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    9/12 What I learned this week......

    New Blood Test Predicts Future Suicide Attempts — NOVA Next | PBS I read the above article a month or two ago. Apparently, testing blood for certain gene abnormalities may be able to detect patients who are more likely to commit suicide.
  4. Ok, so last week we gave you a recap of the best stuff. What news does canigraduate absolutely have to have this week? And also, how's your job treating you this week?
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    What's your favorite budgeting tool?

    Thank you both so much for these well-thought out responses! I truly appreciate it. I had a half-way decent emergency fund saved up a year ago, but then my car broke down at the same time that I had some major dental work done (which insurance didn't cover), so I depleted that pretty quickly. So as far as my priorities go, it sounds like I should probably focus on building that emergency fund back up, put a bit each month into savings (possibly Roth IRA), and then pay off a little bit of my students loans if I can. I don't technically have to start paying on the loans until I graduate, but I'd love to knock some of the interest off if I can.
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    The most interesting threads that canigraduate missed

    Ok new rule. We need to send cani and Ood links to the best threads as they're happening. And possibly screen shot super silly things that will probably get deleted.
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    What is a paragraph?

    I had this problem once while using my MacBook Air, which was odd. Maybe you need to do an update? Or turn it off and on again? :cheeky:
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    What is a paragraph?

    I saw a herd of angry deers Right after guzzling ten delicious beers.
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    Hair Removal

    Urban Dictionaried that one and then cleared my search history. :roflmao:
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    Do you love the baby best?

    I'm sorry you went through that Ood.
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    Get the Flu Shot or become a ZOMBIE

    I take it you're getting the flu shot because it's mandatory. Just a guess.
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    Hair Removal

    Jules!!! lol! Keep us updated on how that works. I hate shaving and I have traumatic memories from waxing. It's just not fun to be a female sometimes.
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    What is a paragraph?

    A paragraph you say? Let's put it this way: You can start one over here: You can start it over there ----------------------> You can make one with a friend; It's how you make a thought end. It's elementary my dear. Now let's all buy some beer!
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    The most interesting threads that canigraduate missed

    Well, AN is way more fun anyway. I think we all stay on here more than we really should when we have stuff to do. Mine has been good--found out I may get some overnight hours, which is what I really really wanted for school.
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    The most interesting threads that canigraduate missed

    Oh she doesn't come to the Blue Side? Boo. I posted it here because I had a feeling the mods would move it here anyway.
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    Okay, people, go away!

    Oh please, AN, for the sake of my sanity, do not listen to klone!
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    Genetic testing - would you? Did you?

    I would not. I feel that I can prepare for the worst without knowing if it's likely to happen. I can get my affairs in order and do everything possible to keep my mind sharp. And that's that. If I found out that I did have a genetic predisposition for Alzheimer's, I would just end up thinking that every memory slip was "it." I personally couldn't live happily like that.