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    You guys have been very helpful!! I'm very happy I found this place! She has been super busy with two jobs now, so with school it will get crazier haha. But I've learned that she's worth the wait, the time, and the patience. She told me that she breaks down easy, and has a past record of shutting people out when she gets this way. I told her I'm not going anywhere. That it's a blessing to be in the spot that I'm in, and that she's worth it! We are going out for dinner tonight, and I plan on reminding her of that. And I'll bring up some ideas on how to help her as much as I can through this! Again, thanks all!! I'll keep everyone updated!
  2. jthunder


    So, I am NOT a nursing student, I'd just like some advice from some if thats ok! This girl and I are super into each other. She starts Nursing school this summer, so we have decided not to rush things and just keep it cool. My question is, how can I be here for her during this hard time in her life? I'd love to go the extra mile to see her, like help her study. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can be here for her?!