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    Boyfriend distraction in NS

    I'm in my second semester of nursing school, and feel overwhelmed with the amount of time it takes for me to cover all of my materials. I do enjoy studying, going to lectures, and learning new material; but I just crave a lot of time by myself. I only see my boyfriend once every weekend, but in-between the weeks we text each other or call. He is really supportive and encourages me, but I sometimes feel a bit "bored" when I spend time with him. We don't have much in common, and he never wants to do the same activities as I want to. We have been together for about 5 months...but somehow I feel as if I'm losing interest. I don't know whether to break up with him... since he does make my mornings sometimes with his cute jokes, and has treated me nicely. I don't feel as if I'm developing stronger feelings for him, and sometimes I would prefer to study ahead instead of watching a movie with him.. :/