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  1. I cannot imagine the pain, NurseCard. Your pain as you prepare yourself for life w/o him. Bless you. ___________________ And, to your "how 'bout them Cardinals!" ....... I think I pull for the 'other' Cardinals.
  2. sirI

    Wednesday January 23, 2018

    I failed to start watching that show, Lil Nel. I didn't know she overdosed.
  3. sirI

    Wednesday January 23, 2018

    I know how you feel, Lil Nel, when a series ends. I've been known to sometimes not watch the final episode of a series and keep it on DVR forEVER because watching it means it's, well, final. I even have an old VCR tape of a soap opera's final episode from years back (Guiding Light). LOL! A while back my DVR crashed and I had to get another system. Of course, I lost everything which included the final episodes of a couple series. I don't do that anymore. Sill, makes me sad to watch them.
  4. sirI

    Wednesday January 23, 2018

    No. But, in bayou country. Is it raining a lot in parts of Texas? My oldest dd is around Dallas. It finally stopped here and temperature has dropped to around 29-30.
  5. sirI

    Wednesday January 23, 2018

    Puzzled, but polite. LOL!! Hey, Di. Well, well, guess I'll be seeing you and dh in a movie pretty soon, yeah? Hey Tweety Wow, Japan. That's one place I think I'd like to go. I started learning to speak a little Japanese a good while back. I mean a good while. It was difficult, but I was able to remember some words believe it or not. I can shut my eyes and imagine what Japan looks like. My dad was in WWII and he showed me so many pics when he was there. He had quite a stash of souvenirs when he came back. Sounds like you were quite busy at work. And, 9 Rns? I agree, something is going around. I ate supper too late, too. I don't like doing that at all, but was my fault. I started the oven and a little over an hour later went to the kitchen to check the food. It was still on the counter. Soooo, needless to say, supper was very much delayed.
  6. sirI

    Wednesday January 23, 2018

    Goodness gracious, BC. Get some rest. Yes, go to bed. Hope you feel better tomorrow.
  7. sirI

    Wednesday January 23, 2018

    Pouring down here, too, Nel. I think we've got close to 1.5 inches so far. Of course, I'm not venturing out in it at all. My temps aren't nearly as cold as yours, however. Around 33 now.
  8. sirI

    Wednesday January 23, 2018

    Hey herring! That book discussion would be right up my alley. I'm LOL at your description of the behavior rules.
  9. sirI

    Wednesday January 23, 2018

    Thanks, Ted. WOW, that trip sounds phenomenal! I just cannot imagine. Lots of money to make it happen, but in the long run, will be well worth it. I wish I could come along. I wouldn't talk ... much ..... or eat much .... just ignore me ... stick me somewhere with a blanket and dish of water .... I wanna come along. Thanks, Lil Nel. I bought my oldest grand concert tickets for Christmas. WOW! It wasn't from a reseller though. Outrageous prices. I hate you had to change your plans because of that. Hello Fran! Good to see you. Cute pic. And, thank you. Hello j22 Thank you, too. I'm a paper-pusher and facts/figures person. I can see me doing what you do. Hope the meeting goes well.
  10. sirI

    Wednesday January 23, 2018

    Good morning (barely) all! Tweety, when is your trip abroad? I cannot remember if it's any time soon? Hope work goes o.k. Morning Ted. I remember you talking about your trip. When do you leave? I, too, have been under the weather. (I did get a Flu shot this year because I swore I wouldn't go through THAT again like last year. Dang near killed me. Respiratory distress in the ED w/O2 in the mid-80's). But, this time I had cough, a little fever, ear involvement for a week (no Flu), but was the extreme fatigue that knocked me down. Thank goodness that's better. Hope you feel better and better and better. Hi Joe. Glad you were able to get to the DD today. Yeah, we were doing some Server upgrading yesterday and that caused a few wonky things to happen. So far today, it's been rather smooth. Enjoy your night out. Howdy Lil Nel. You said, Now, that sounds like something I'd do, too. LOL! Too bad about the lost blanket. BC, I, too, am sorry about your loss. Made me remember sad times with my animals. (((HUGS))) Well, doing some work online here. Fixin' supper later (lasagna). Still haven't caught up on DVR'd programs. By the time I stop my day late evening and settle down, I fall asleep when I get still. So, maaaaaaay be I will try now? Later, gators!
  11. sirI

    Hello Everyone!!

    Hey NSIME, I fixed your avatar for ya.
  12. Hey, @BCgradnurse! Love your profile photo. 😀

  13. sirI

    Well, hello there...Daily Diary

    Exactly, Ted. We are special in the Daily Diary and now have our own place. "Clubs" is a new feature, yuppers. Invite others to join.
  14. sirI

    Well, hello there...Daily Diary

    Hey everybody! Here's the welcome home thread: The Daily Diary will be found in CLUBS (read through the thread). I moved your new thread, BCgrad, to the Daily Diary in Clubs. SOOOO good to have us all together again. Truly missed you ALL.
  15. Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good night!! We are finally home. And, this is the brand-spankin' new allnurses Break Room Club ... the DAILY DIARY! To find this again, go to the Break Room, look on the right and click Clubs. The diary will appear; click and it will load. You can FOLLOW the diary (click the faded red heart; it turns dark when following on the forum). Come on in, take your shoes off, sit a spell, and look around. Also, check out the new allnurses.com. Read through the Welcome Home Announcement thread and check out the videos if you need a little help with navigation. We think you are going to LOVE everything. Hope everyone is doing o.k., had great holiday celebrations with family and friends. I know I've missed everyone around here and so very happy that we are all back together again. WELCOME BACK HOME!!!