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  1. sirI

    Monday October 14, 2019

    Rose_Queen, I am so very sorry.
  2. Nel, I am so very sorry for your loss. My heart hurts for you ...
  3. sirI

    Sunday September 1, 2019

    I moved it, Tweety. I JUST got up. Already running late on a Sunday. Must. Have. Coffee. NOW! Hello to Tweety and everyone. Hope your Sunday is wonderful.
  4. sirI

    Thursday August 29, 2019

    Not anymore, Tweety. __________________________ MORNIN' Tweety and Joe. Hope you two and everyone else have a GRRRREEEEAAAATT Thursday. I hear my coffee calling. Later, gators!
  5. sirI

    Whatcha doin?

    Hey GPatty, Canning veggies? Nice! I did some fresh peas and corn a couple weeks back. Not doing too much today. Started getting things ready to cook supper. Finalizing some music for the next couple weeks and preparing for Advent music. I absolutely can NOT believe that Christmas is right around the corner (at least for me with the music). And, getting things ready (this weekend) to go see my kiddos and grands for a week. Otherwise, it's a 'Q' Monday.
  6. sirI

    Monday August 19th 2019

    Mornin' Tweets, Joe and Ted. Yawwwwnnn .... Topics merged. Coffee. Love you all. Hope all to come have a good day.
  7. sirI

    Friday August 16, 2019

    Morning Tweety and Ted and Joe and everyone to come. Thread moved to the DD Club and other DD topic merged. I didn't sleep well at all. My feet felt like someone was touching me with an electrical prod. L O L! Have now overslept and had 2 sips of my java joe. Obviously I need more. Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday.
  8. You started a ticket in the Help Desk (support ticket) a couple days ago and we immediately replied to you about how to start a new topic. The same information we gave you in that ticket, you will find under the FAQ here (the 1st one): https://allnurses.com/sitecenter/site-faq/
  9. Hello amoLucia, I replied to the support ticket you submitted about how to start a topic. Did you see my reply? Return to that ticket.
  10. sirI

    Tuesday July 9, 2019

    My condolences, too, Ted. Brings back painful memories of my beloved ...
  11. sirI

    Sunday June 30, 2019

    Mornin' Tweety and Ted. Yawn ... horrible night sleeping. Last time I looked at clock was 0230 and then up at 0530. After this cuppa, will get ready to head to Church for organ practice. BBQ later today and watch some MLB. Hope you all have a wonderful, peaceful Sunday.
  12. sirI

    Saturday June 29 2019

    Hello everybody! Threads merged. Hope you all have a great weekend.
  13. sirI

    Tuesday June 25, 2019

    Yes, even if we accidentally mark an email SPAM, our carrier will then think EVERYTHING from that website is spam. Glad it's all fixed for you NSIME.
  14. Hey NSIME, We had some issues with the Admin Office/Support Desk, but that's fixed now. I apologize. I replied to you in the ticket you started so go back to that ticket to communicate.
  15. Good morning Ted and Joe. Ted, your morning description sounds so calming. I so love dinner theater. Been to a few, but nothing like you've described. Prayers for your Church's decision about the Pastor. Joe, I read about your reviews regarding Svengoolie every week and tune in for a lot of them. I might look at that one, too, unless I find a cool zombie or vampire or zompire movie somewhere. L O L! I am working on music for July. I've finished 2 Sundays so far. I have 2 weddings to get ready; one is pretty soon. Need one more cuppa then head to the grocery store. I don't mind buying them and paying for them is o.k., but I absolutely HATE to load them in the basket, unload for the checker, load them back in the basket, unload them to the car, unload to the kitchen, and THEN put them all away. But, whatcha gonna do? You ALL have a great Saturday.