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  1. jmgrn65

    GOOD MORNING, Tuesday, July 28th 2009

    good evening AN friends. :) siri hope your feeling better soon
  2. jmgrn65

    Friends and animal lovers .. . . .Help!

    voted for buddy, and i think he is the cutest
  3. jmgrn65

    Obama Takes Sides....Against Police

    the police report also contained witness statements. So it isn't just the police officer's statement. Obama should have stayed out of it. Period.
  4. jmgrn65

    Good Morning Sunday July 26!

    Hello Everyone have been on vacation for 2 weeks. Sabby I hope they find out what is wrong. I will put you in my prayers. Jnette glad to see you back. It is very hard, I found talking about my mom helped alot and of course time.
  5. jmgrn65

    Taxing Flatulence

    oh my everyone including dogs pass gas, fart in my house. My ds (17yo) has farting contests with his girlfriends dad :) think they're good for your heart, just not for your fart. oh I think they are good for your farts:smokin:
  6. jmgrn65

    HawthoRNe...What Do You All Think?

    Just an FYI, I just went to the website and the Center for nursing advocacy is closing soon.
  7. jmgrn65

    Our beloved Mutti is Gone

    ((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))) and continues prayers for support and comfort.
  8. jmgrn65


    Oh I love this show, I have been wanting to read the series.
  9. I thought the show was very lame! CNO barely even know where the floor is let alone doing anything patient related give me a break. I will not watch again too far fetched.
  10. jmgrn65

    Michael Jackson Dies of Heart Attack!!!

    How is someone's death a global catasphore? He had a gift of music. I grew up with both of them. Liked MJ when he was young, but than he became a freak. I honestly didn't feel anything about his death except mild surprise. Sorry folks... I felt bad for his family. I felt bad about FF, however her death was somewhat expected and she suffered so much.
  11. jmgrn65

    Saturday 13th day of June

    Jnette glad to see Mutti is doing better that the wounds are healing. Joe Congratulations!!!! Hello TN Hello Sabby Today is DS 17th bd we are going golfing his idea. Hope everyone has a good day.
  12. jmgrn65

    My prayer for all of you dear Allnurse friends

    very nice thanks
  13. jmgrn65

    Seventh-Day Adventist Questions

    I also work in a SDA hospital. there beliefs are from the bible, they don't eat unclean meat which is most meats. ( i forgot what part of the bible it is in) as far as pepper and caffiene are stimulants and that is why they avoid that. we are fortunate our hospital allows us to have meat except pork, coffee etc. Many presidents ago, thought that there should be a choice for non-SDA.
  14. jmgrn65

    Sunday, June 7th, 2009

    Good Morning and Happy Birthday to Cse Jnette prayer said for your dh Sabby thanks for the pic and glad your dh enjoyed his flight Steph you are probably still asleep as it only 0613 in your neck of the woods. Joe have a good time at the pet blessing
  15. jmgrn65

    GOOD MORNING - SUNDAY 31st May, 2009

    I can't believe there are 3 pages already. We also had a bit of thunderstorms blow thru last night and this morning looks clear and beautiful Good Morning, Sabby, Jnette, Siri, Zuzi and Good nite Grace. Good morning to any I have missed and yet to come' Hugs and prayers

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