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  1. mc3

    The truth about Hillary Clinton

    Because she lied straight to the victim's mother, that's why! Chelsea had more of a right to know the truth than the mother? Really?
  2. mc3

    Hillary Clinton regarding nursing

    And this alone is why I despite this woman. She knew what happened, and she lied about it. Continually. And had her minions do the same. Wikileaks and the Congressional hearings proved it. How could she, as a mother, look those Benghazi families mothers and families in the face and lie like she did? She has no conscience. Shame on her, and shame on her supporters who support her lies.
  3. mc3

    I think my cerebellum is damaged...

    One could, but one might not like to hear it :cat:
  4. mc3

    Who Would Be Your Choice For President

    Umm, gee.............I clicked on this and wanted to put in my favorite, Ted Cruz.
  5. not a word, but a phrase "Welcome to MY world" meaning ones problems are so miniscule in comparison to the person's you've just made a comment to. It's like nails on a chalk board, to me:***:
  6. mc3

    Binging on Netflix

    Far, YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS!!! :yes:
  7. mc3

    Binging on Netflix

  8. mc3

    The Happy Hour Weekend Thread!

    A Fuzzy Navel is OJ and Peach Schnapps. Yum! A Dirty Fuzzy Navel is OJ, Peach Vodka and Peach Schnapps. In a frosty glass with plenty of ice. Double Yum! P.S. Pity party got boring :)
  9. mc3

    The Happy Hour Weekend Thread!

    I think I'll order a Dirty Navel from the bartender......can I get anyone anything? I need company to drown my sorrows :cat: My pity party is getting very............redundant................
  10. mc3

    ixchel's What I Learned This Week 10/3...

    Brighams is far and away THE best :yes:
  11. mc3

    ixchel's What I Learned This Week 10/3...

    We have Mean Mr. Vacuum at our house.....:cat:
  12. mc3

    Discussion of the Obama presidency

    not-even-going-there.... mc3
  13. mc3

    9/12 What I learned this week......

    I learned how important my allnurses friends really are to me, and I'm shocked I can feel such sadness over someone I never even met. mc3
  14. mc3

    Let's Be Creative. Add to the story.

    Just then, Sheila's snarky friend Irma came into the room, looking like the cat who swallowed a canary.
  15. mc3


    I've found the best thing I can do for myself is to doing something for others. There are loads of organizations looking for volunteers. I signed up to be a Guardian Ad Litem for the Court. The things some of these kids have had happen are just terrible. You can be a bright spot in that child's life! How about volunteering for a local food pantry? That can be fun and a great way to "get out of your own head". I've volunteered to work for the Make A Wish Foundation. Talk about making a difference! You might find that sometimes you just don't feel like it, but that's when it seems to work the best for me. One more bit of advice - take some time for yourself before getting in to another relationship. Be good to yourself! Go on a solo vacation, take yourself to a spa, or do something you'd never dream of doing. It can be very liberating. Good luck, and take care mc3:cat: