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  1. mc3

    What do you think about life ?

    Oh, my heart is so sad.....I just wanted to let you know that I'm here for you, also. And I'm so happy you are sharing your life with your puppy dog. Our creatures are our lifeline sometimes, aren't they? :D Anytime you need a friend to chat, a chuckle to share, or a shoulder to cry on, I'm here....:nurse: mc3
  2. I have been giving my cats Science Diet dry and canned for many, many years. They've all lived to ripe old ages, even the diabetic guy and 2 CRF kitties. What do you use, and why? I picked up some Iams crunchies today at the grocery store as I wasn't able to get to the pet supply store. Now I'm wondering is that was a good idea, or not..... I also just read somewhere not to give your cats fish/seafood and liver canned cat food - it was somehow tied to CRF in cats. The kitty I currently have (Olivia) is not really a fan of wet food, but will nibble on it periodically during the day - sometimes it sits out all day and there's still some left. She prefers crunchies but the vet said it was also good for her to get canned for the extra moisture. Just wondering! Thanks, mc3:nurse:
  3. mc3

    to my bff...until we meet again.

    Oh Leslie......so very sorry. It's one of the worst things, isn't it? I can so relate....... She was so lucky to have you, and you her. (((((Hugs)))))) mc3 :redpinkhe
  4. My husband and I would like to get a dog - haven't decided on a puppy or older dog yet. Thinking about a lab or golden retriever. However, my 4 year old cat is absolute queen of the household. A few years ago, I got a new kitten (male) and she absolutely, positively detested him! She was mad at him, and at me for a solid 5 months. Would hide, not come out, hiss and run and hide the entire time. The sad part was, it seemed like maybe, just maybe, she was starting to thaw a bit when the kitten got very ill and I had to have him put down. It really was an awful time for her. I just don't know if I want to put her, the puppy or me through that. My sister thought maybe she knew he was sick, and "rejected him" but I don't know. What have you all done to make this an easier transition? Should I even consider it? After all, she was here first...... Thanks you for help! mc3:nurse:
  5. Sadly enough, I had a patient when I was a hospice nurse. She had a living will and specific requests stating she did not want to be kept alive by artificial means. Her daughter, however (and a nurse, at that) totally ignored Mom's last wishes and she died a terrible death in the hospital. I don't mean to sound cruel, but when it becomes about "me" and not being able to cope with Mom dying instead of honoring her wishes, it almost becomes a form of abuse. mc3
  6. Well, Tweety, I rarely agree with your politics;), but I'm with ya on this one. I heard on the news today that this group was told by several different agencies that what they were doing was illegal and considering kidnapping. I just didn't trust their motives, from the beginning.......... mc3:nurse:
  7. mc3


    Just wanted to say - I love this thread!!! mc3:paw: