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  1. Well, I gotta finish up the series with you guys! Did I mention there were only 5 eps left? :D I'm sorry, I thought I had mentioned my Xander-as-Watcher theory before, but I guess that was on one of my other boards. Remember the ep where Dawn allegedly finds out she's not a Slayer-in-training? Xander talked to her about how hard it was to be ordinary, not to have any special gifts, to always be the bystander watching, and Dawn said, "Maybe that's your gift. Seeing." Right then I got a really strong feeling they were foreshadowing that he would end up a Watcher. Lord knows he deserves it after all these years of "buttmonkey"hood (the Dracula ep). I just hope that if it happens, it's not by default because Giles is killed. :o
  2. Sorry I couldn't post earlier--stupid local UPN station preempted the ep for a stupid basketball game. Stupid UPN. :( I just saw the ep last night. My first reactions: Yay, Faith! Yay, Xander's speech! And--OMG, Xander!! :eek: I don't think Willow's going to be able to fix this one. I'm betting Xander finishes out the series with a patch over his left eye. I was SO not expecting that--I gasped and jumped back about foot. Poor Xander. But I still think that bit about "So you're the one who sees things" is a hint that he is going to end up either becoming, or at least training to be, a Watcher. The Buffytwin that the preacher was talking to was indeed The First--remember when his hand went through her? The First is noncorporeal. Yes, I wish there had been more backstory or foreshadowing for the preacher too. His sudden appearance, coupled with the fact that he is being played by the star of Joss's now-cancelled series Firefly, makes me a leetle suspicious that they just threw him in there to give the guy some work and tie up a few loose storylines. Time will tell, I guess. I am really squicked out but also really excited to see how this will end. Only 5 more eps!!
  3. Stargazer

    yet another product of addiction

  4. Stargazer

    Yup, I've Finally Got a New Job

    Congrats on the new position, Susy. Even if it wasn't the one you wanted, it sounds like this new job is a closer step to the kind of position you're getting that Master's for. It also sounds like a great opportunity to learn a lot of new stuff as well as teach, and get paid for doing so (one of the things I like best about MY job!) I envy you that 3 week break. Any chance Aaron could get a little time off and the 2 of you could take a little mini-vacation or even a long weekend? Seems like the 2 of you could really use a few days away. I hope you get excited about the new position; I'm excited for you. Relax and do something fun for the next 3 weeks and look forward to a fresh start at the new job. :)
  5. Stargazer

    Politically correct?

    I have been noticing that particular irony myself lately.
  6. Stargazer

    Minister of Information

    Check out Hilarious! Check out "M.S.S Throughout History": "The Death Star is secure. There is no rebel attack. Truly I can say there are, in fact, no rebels anywhere. The Emperor, praise Allah, will rule a thousand years. Also, they are committing suicide--if there were rebels, which there are not. Lies!" You can also buy nifty household items, like a "No Americans in Baghdad" coffee mug or a "God Will Roast Their Stomachs In Hell" BBQ apron.
  7. Stargazer

    older men, oh man....

    :rotfl: And yet, she won't introduce me to any of them...:sniff:
  8. Stargazer

    "Going" in public?

    And BTW, isn't public urination illegal in most cities?
  9. Stargazer

    "Going" in public?

    That is nasty. And completely uncivilized. It's one thing to pull over on a long stretch of highway and run into the bushes, but in an urban area where there are stores, offices and business around who would almost certainly let a child who asked nicely use even a non-public restroom? Gross.
  10. Stargazer

    Survior Amazon: Boys vs. Girls

    Alex, Rob, Deena, Jenna and HeiDDi were all supposed to be in alliance, and planned on voting off Matthew next. When Alex won the coffee challenge and took Jenna with him, Deena seized the opportunity to pull Rob, HeiDDi and Christy aside and convinced everyone that if Matthew won immunity and couldn't be voted off, it should be Alex instead. She then instructed everyone not to tell Alex (of course) or even Jenna. HeiDDi, of course, could not wait to drag Jenna aside and tell her as soon as she got back to camp, and Jenna immediately told Alex. I don't see how anyone in the Survivor forums could know that Jenna is the winner, since for the past 2 seasons at least they've waited and either actually voted, or at least counted the votes live. They may know that Jenna is in the final 2, which would be bad enough.
  11. Stargazer

    Woot!!!!Come see my new baby!!!

    Agree with everybody else, Missdondita! Hot car, hot mama, darling kids. Congratulations!
  12. Stargazer

    Survior Amazon: Boys vs. Girls

    It must interesting living inside Heidi's head. Aside from the cobwebs, and the tumbleweeds blowing by, apparently there is a whole pile of delusions about not only how "cute" she is, but how smart? :rolleyes: Honey, the "2 things you're valued for" in the tribe happen to be those large silicone bags laying on top of your very visible ribs. Deal with it. (Someone on one of my other boards calls her HeiDDi. Hee.) And did you see how disbelieving she looked after Alex picked Jenna to share the reward challenge with him? You know she was thinking, "But...but...I'm the cutest girl! Everybody knows that!" The editors were having some fun with this episode. Loved the spy movie/Mission Impossible-type music at the beginning when everybody was talking about playing everybody else. And children, have we learned nothing from previous seasons? Have we not learned that hubris always goes before a BIG fall? The more Deena crowed about being in control of the game and how everything was falling into place, the more I knew she was done. These people must be feeling like such asses watching this at home right now after the fact. Dave looked pretty pissed to be the first jury member, didn't he? I guess he and Deena can spend the next three days telling each other how smart they are--before they have to go to the next tribal council and face everyone who's still, y'know, IN the game. Christy and Butch are still in--yay! If either HeiDDi or Jenna end up in the final 2, I won't be watching to see who wins. Blech.
  13. Stargazer

    Book Discussion

    As you can see, Miss Susy has washed her hands of the affair entirely. Wench. I'll try to post a poll later today if I have time; if not, it might be a few more days.
  14. Stargazer

    HELP! Hubby's Been Stonewalled!

    Susy, I'm inferring from your post that Aaron is good friends with his current manager; New Manager, not so much. Can't he pull aside Current Manager and ask her what the hell happened here, and what his options are? A couple other random thoughts--when he accepted the new position, was there a written job description for that position/title? Did it include a description of Project Manager (PM)-type duties or not? (If it didn't, I think he's got a legitimate bait-and-switch grievance which could be argued with the 2 managers, and as a last resort, with HR.) Since the issue seems to be that they don't have anyone with Aaron's equivalent experience to do this project, what if he offered to train and/or supervise someone from either the old or new teams during the project (in order to be a "team player" and "ease things during the transition")? If he gets no satisfaction from either of the managers or from HR, I think your advice is right for him to stay in his present position, as it wouldn't benefit him in any way to take the new one. If that ends up being the case, I think he ought to polish up his resume and start very quietly looking at other companies/positions. Sorry. :o That IS sucky.
  15. Stargazer

    Something serious to think about

    I keep imagining her sitting in front of her monitor, drink in hand, giggling madly. :chuckle