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  1. It's almost impossible to go to any level of nursing school without making friends along the way. You spend so much time together, it just happens. Even if he wasn't her lab partner, they would end up being friends. Does she know how you feel about this? You either need to keep this to yourself and get over it, or tell her you're feeling insecure in the relationship and work on making it better. I will warn you, though, that if you tell her you don't trust her, it may end up being the beginning of the end.

    I already know he is her friend and she will have friends. I know she has contact with patients etc, but contact with say a classmate friend's genitals wouldn't sit right with me. A lot of us who aren't in the medical profession aren't as desensitized as maybe you are to this type of thing.

  2. I'm well aware she has contact with males. They've already had professor models come in for that. The issue was contact with someone who is a friend. i'm really surprised and disappointed with the attitude of a lot of people on this forum. I guess I'm the immature one..haha

  3. I think that the poster is concerned about the level of emotional intimacy that naturally occurs under these types of circumstances. It is not an unfounded concern. There is an significant body of literature which indicates that 'emotional infidelity' can be far more destructive to a relationship than physical infidelity.

    The OP was simply asking for information about what type of activities would be required between his SO and her lab partner as a normal course of study. There is no call to cast aspersions on his character or deride his concern. AN'ers are better than this.

    Thank you

  4. My gf is a nurse practitioner student. There is only one male student in the class who happens to be her friend. She paired up with him to be her lab partner. I'm not so comfortable with this partly because I've never been in nursing school and am not sure what goes on. Can anyone tell me what you typically do with your lab partner throughout the semester and if it's anything I should be concerned about? Thanks.


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