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  1. mimilovell

    Good reason not to borrow a cell phone?

    hahaha... yeah NSA can activate your phone. Please dont point it this way. lol
  2. mimilovell

    Is coffee creamer fattening?

    depends on how much you take. Also if it organic your body can process it quicker. It is like the argument between margerine and butter/lard. Margarine is marketed and known to have less calories, but I know a few bowl cancer specialist who would say butter/lard is better for you because it is nutural
  3. mimilovell

    Do you work out regularly?

    get enough working out at work, and having dog who needs to go for a run every morning and night. There is no time to do more than that.
  4. mimilovell

    Tips for Stress Eater

    Plan your meals for the week and only buy what is on that shopping list. No snaks. Only fruit and veg to snack on. I know your tired when you get home. Just spend that time relaxing, take a bath, get a hobbie, go and see mates, take up salsa or something. Something where you can just come home eat, and go and do what is good for you before coming home to bed
  5. mimilovell

    Want to help obese daughter

    I did this diet and felt fantastic. It was hard because you are forced to have what given or go without. And with such small portions your stomach soon shink to normal size. I would say go organic too, as you dont want to give your daughter battery farmed rubbish where they have been genetically egnineered to grow big quickly and eat feel chemicals or GMO corn or food that makes them fat. Remember if you eat animals that are feed with chemicals and GMO corn/soy or whatever that is intended to make them fat, by eating it, you will inevitably get fat. http://www.jaduncan.com/2006/04/how-i-lost-stone-in-week.html Also there are plenty of studies that show GMO linking to cancer and obesity http://www.naturalnews.com/039170_gmos_rat_tumors_seralini_study.html http://www.naturalnews.com/036249_obesity_mindset_success.html
  6. mimilovell

    Foods that energize!

    Fresh fruit and veg. Also make sure they are organic so they arent covered in pesticides Seven natural solutions to overcome morning fatigue and kick the coffee addiction
  7. mimilovell

    How do you exercise and manage a busy schedule?

    Also you can get a few people together and a budget and make a list of what to eat and what fruits to buy for everyone to snack on. Dont forget making carrots sticks etc... Real fruit and veg really gives you a pick me up :) Then once you have decied, then get one person to make one meal and bring it in. Its healthier and easier. Also we buy in bulk so its also cheaper.
  8. mimilovell

    How do you exercise and manage a busy schedule?

    I know it is hard. I treat going up and down the stiar, running around as excerise anyway. So its really about planning out the diet for the week so that I dont over eat and get the nautrients i need. I dont go the hospital canteen as its full of rubbish anyway. Especially when we are here telling people to eat as much organic, raw food for snacks and plan their meal so they dont eat processed rubbish.

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