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  1. dinobun

    Breaking up...

    We've all been at the break-up point at least once in our lives. Keep your head up jilly_beans! Here's some advice that has gotten me through some of the worst times. 1. Find comfort in other people. Text a good friend or a family member what you want to text him. Spend time with those who will be able to comfort you or distract you from your pain. 2. Keep busy. Study harder, go for a run, do jumping jacks -- don't be idle! 3. Cry if you need to, but know you don't have to cry all by yourself. There are others out there in the world who care about you as well! 4. The key to happiness is found in ice cream. If you haven't found the key in the first pint, go on to the second. :up: (and if ice cream isn't your favorite, the key to happiness is also found on your favorite plate of food... my key is usually on a plate of sushi!) Take care of yourself jilly_beans! [[[HUGS]]]
  2. dinobun

    Do your pets make you happy?

    Bunny slave here. :wavey: Never thought I would love bunnies at all. What did I know about bunnies except that they eat hay and poop cocoa puffs?! A friend's family had a litter of bunnies and the SO's family adopted one. And now the little baby is such a joy in my life. Babybun is so much like a dog! If you sit on the floor (her level), she'll run to you and place her head under your hand for pets. If you pet her for awhile, she'll grant you a favor and clean you (lick your clothes/fingers/etc). Bunny licks are exceedingly dry, such a weird experience the first time around! She's extremely territorial and will chin everything that she can reach. Chinning is when a bunny rubs his/her chin over an object to claim it. She grunts and thumps her foot if she wants something, "you WILL notice me!!". When the refrigerator opens, she's right there peering inside for her veggies/fruits/carrots/etc, everything in there is hers! She's a cuddler though, and allows you to pick her up if you pet her all the while she's being held. The only thing that's annoying about her is that she's one of those wire-chewing bunnies. Her favorite is the Wii sensor wire and headphones! :headphone:
  3. dinobun

    Gf's male lab partner

    OP, I can see where your concerns lie, but I agree with other posters in that you should be talking to your GF about what happens in her classes/labs. Communication and honesty is key to every relationship! :yes: If you're not comfortable with the situation, tell her and she should be able to help you understand the bigger picture of what happens in nursing school! My SO is currently in nursing school and has told me what happens in classes where contact has occurred with anybody in the class, male or female. From hand-feeding one another, shaving other people's faces to "caressing" arms to practice putting needles in. We try to elaborate our day to each other, so we don't have mundane conversation, so that counts for a part too. "How was your day?" "Good/Boring/Stressful because _this happened_" What I have trouble with is that the SO refers to everyone as "my classmate" and "my friend." Just a habit my SO has since I have never met any of the classmates. I would prefer that the SO refers to everyone by their name and a small description, just so I have an idea about who is being talked about! :rolleyes: And admit to your insecurities, it just makes you all the more human. :alien:
  4. dinobun

    What's your favorite hand lotion?

    I'm all for Aveeno as well! I got a hand lotion from Kiehl's this past Christmas and it has an amazing minty feeling on the hands. It is quite thick, so I only use it when my hands are feeling super dry. I'm not sure how much it is, but with the name Kiehl's, I'm sure its not a single-digit-costing hand lotion.
  5. dinobun

    good app for communication worldwide

    I know this is a year late, but there are a couple of apps that are useful to communicate internationally. I believe all of them NEED wi-fi to be usable! 1. Tango Text, Voice, and Video 2. WeChat 3. WhatsApp
  6. dinobun

    Cell Phones

    I don't understand how anyone can multitask being on the phone while driving. It's been proven that it's not safe at all AND laws have been passed, yet everyone is still chatting and texting away while they're driving. :no: My close friends and family know how I am about their phone usage in the car and will hand me their phone just in case they really need to respond to someone while they're driving. I'm happy to text for them, as long as they keep their eyes on the road! :up: And I, like the OP, cannot believe how many people have become so phone-dependent. I went to a BBQ party this past weekend and people were chatting in a circle, and one by one, each person took their phone out and then no one was talking or eating anymore. :banghead:

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