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  1. toomuchbaloney

    Seriously flawed thinking.

    Yep. Perpetuation of Trumpian incompetent appraisals of international agreements by poorly informed supporters who cling to the poorly informed bloviations of a habitual liar and grifter. How embarrassing for this country to have such idiocy oozing from the executive branch.
  2. toomuchbaloney

    Seriously flawed thinking.

    UN Charter (full text) Sounds like we have another Trump supporter among us who holds the UN with the same disdain as Putin.
  3. toomuchbaloney

    Seriously flawed thinking.

    Trump can't maintain a loyal following in the military when he persists in immoral, unethical and unconstitutional rhetoric and words. He plans to spit on military justice by inserting his incompetent and ignorant pardons into war crimes convictions. Support for Trump is fading among active-duty troops, new poll shows While this is a poll from 2018 it appears that Trump's support is dwindling as he continues to display his ineptitude and dishonesty.
  4. toomuchbaloney

    Seriously flawed thinking.

    My source is the leader of the GOP. The words and sentiments of the top conservative in America.
  5. toomuchbaloney

    Seriously flawed thinking.

    Yes, that's why most of the country wonders if the GOP has finally shot itself with a mortal wound. With Trump the GOP dissolved their own lies for all to see. By electing Trump the GOP had shown the world that American conservatives are not fiscally conservative, they only like veterans who weren't POVS, they believe that some veterans are just weak and that's why they get PTSD, that gold star families only matter if you agree with their politics, that lying and integrity don't matter, that marital infidelity doesn't matter, that obstruction doesn't matter, nepotism doesn't matter, corruption doesn't matter, ignorance is elevated. Conservatives are now fully enveloped in Trump's party and is not a pretty change.
  6. toomuchbaloney

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    Trump just whined about congressional checks on his corrupt authoritarianism and said that there will be no infrastructure bill while he is investigated. What an incompetent child.
  7. toomuchbaloney

    Seriously flawed thinking.

    Clearly, the electoral college failed miserably in 2016 if the founders saw them as responsible to analyze the qualities adapted to the station. The saw an incompetent bully and gave him the job. That's reason right there to dump the EC.
  8. toomuchbaloney

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    Cuccinelli, a righteous, faith-driven warrior who delights in provocation, will join Trump administration
  9. toomuchbaloney

    Regarding this trade war against China.

    Is this the article? Despite national security concerns, GOP leader McCarthy blocked bipartisan bid to limit China’s role in U.S. transit
  10. toomuchbaloney

    First word that comes to mind.....

    Jethro Tull.
  11. toomuchbaloney

    Spying on the Trump Campaign

    So it's all based on Gowdy's say? After Benghazi it's not clear why he has much credibility.
  12. toomuchbaloney

    Presidential Election 2020

    GOP voters will vote for Trump regardless of corruption, law breaking, incompetence, or moral and ethical deficits. There is no expectation that they will miraculously wake to the con. The security of the Republic rests in the ability to mobilize citizens who have not historically been consistent voters. We need we the people to represent to the GOP that selling out American values is not ok.
  13. toomuchbaloney

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    Why Justin Amash stands alone It's easy to see how liberals would be sympathetic with her opinion.
  14. toomuchbaloney

    Domestic Terrorism

    You are welcome to your biased opinion. You keep mentioning liberal propaganda media. Which outlets are those, in your opinion? Most of what I see shared here in terms of media would not qualify as propaganda, IMV. Are WaPo, NYT, Atlantic, Reuters, etc propaganda? Which outlets represent the conservative propaganda, in your view?
  15. toomuchbaloney

    Domestic Terrorism

    You should blow your smoke at the conservative who offers nothing beyond opinion and generalizations about "you guys" and "your side" . Don't be blind to the villanization simply because it's coming from a conservative who is avoiding meaningful debate.