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  1. nurseshellyRN

    Rebounding/mini trampolines!

    Just found my way back to this thread, completely forgot about it. Those vibrating things sound interesting! The jumping is still keeping me happy, I love it. Occasionally I catch my roommates jumping on it too, haha.
  2. nurseshellyRN

    Rebounding/mini trampolines!

    I have been on an up and down journey to better health basically since I first started college and gained the freshman 15+. I sometimes go a couple of months on a really healthy eating and exercise schedule, but I inevitably go back to being lazy. I'm still working on consistently eating healthy, but I feel like that is getting better thanks to incorporating more green smoothies into my diet. But what I want to talk about is rebounding! I think I finally found an exercise that I will stick to, because it's actually fun! Throughout my entire childhood, I loved trampolines, and every year I would ask for a giant trampoline for Christmas and my birthday. And every year I was disappointed.. Anyway, I kind of forgot all about it until I was googling random stuff and I decided to look up mini trampoline workouts. I bought a cheap mini trampoline on sale as my local Big 5, and I would not recommend doing that. It was not as fun as I was envisioning and it kind of jarred my back. I decided to invest in a Jumpsport (got it at costco for about $250) and I feel like it is the best decision I have ever made. I look forward to jumping on it every day. I jump while I watch TV, while I'm waiting for my water to boil, or whenever. I feel like I'm losing some of the extra flab and I have more energy. I also have read that there are a ton of health benefits (apparently it's the best exercise for stimulating your lymphatic system, and it's a weight bearing exercise so it builds up bone mass without stress on the joints). Has anyone else thought about rebounding or is anyone thinking about it now? I feel like it's not too well known, but it is something that everyone should know about! I also feel like one of those salespeople trying desperately to sell you the latest gadget, but I'm not. I'm just really excited about this and wanted to share my excitement :)