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  1. RNin2007

    Medical words you like the sound of

    Uvulopalatophyrangoplasty! Why?...cuz i've HAD one. And it always dumbfounds doctors...they have to think, and ask me "what exactly was that?" :lol2: ~J
  2. RNin2007

    Power Point problem; help!

    Is it an image? If it is, go to view...select picture/drawing toolbar. Then select your image and choose the box w/the dog in the toolbar that will make your image SQUARE. Then you can resize it by dragging the corner... If it's not an image, i'd be willing to take a look at it. You can send it to my email addy and i'll happily try to fix it and send it back to you. ~J
  3. RNin2007

    Christmas gifts

    Why don't you coordinate a secret santa event instead? Have everyone who wants to participate put there name in an envelope, then let them draw names a few days later. I wouldn't even expect anything from my supervisor (our company gives us a $25 giftcard every year..that's plenty). I don't think gifts should be mandatory or even expected whatsover. Make a nice sign up with directions and hang it in the break room/report room. ~J
  4. RNin2007

    Has anyone ever bit down on something too hard?

    I do this about once every 3-4 months on the barbell I have in my tongue. For that reason, i'm seriously considering taking it out. It HURTS like heck when I do that and one of these days i'm gonna crack a molar and be mad at myself for the dentist bill... ~J
  5. RNin2007

    Coffee nuts, C'mere!

    Bunn. Would never use anything else, after having had several other brands....no matter that it's not programmable, the thing is so fast I wouldn't see a need for it. ~J
  6. RNin2007

    Need "Mom" advice....(off topic)

    Frustrating to learn how normal that lil one is, huh? lol This brings back soooo many memories of my kids when they were that age. My daughter was the perfect 2 year old but was something quite like your daughter's twin at age 3. My son was just a little fearless terror until he turned 5. Hang in there! Take some time for yourself most importantly. ALL mommies need a break. Find someone to watch her at a scheduled time at least once a week and enjoy some non-mommy time. ~J
  7. RNin2007

    My Grandson's First Encounter with BD Cake...Enjoy!

    Awwwwww! I just wanna eat his cute little cheeks!!! Brings back memories, thanks for sharing :) ~J
  8. RNin2007

    Custody Hearing Today

    I just found this thread and I am SO sorry for what you had to go through. This is truly terrible. I believe you 100% and it is a tragedy that the court/judge won't listen to what your SON wants. I thought that a child who was 15 could choose for themself which parent they wanted to live with...wow was I wrong. I can imagine it was extremely difficult to be attacked over and over and I am certain I would have done the same (crying, talking out of turn...it is your child!) It just breaks my heart to think how much you love him and fought for him and how much he wants to be with you and you had to go through all this....I understand how you must feel about right now. :( (((((((hugs))))))) My children have a dad that makes false promises, says he will come see them and never does. Doesn't pay child support..yada yada, I won't hijack this thread. I can't imagine being on the other end fighting like you are. And to think your ex adopted him and he is biologically YOURS, and he WANTS to be with you???! This drives me nuts just trying to analyze it. I don't even know what else to say. My thoughts are with you. Really. ~J
  9. RNin2007

    Lipstick Dangerous? Fact or Fiction?

    Roy, I guess I would just *hope* that someone who is acting in the role of a nursing instructor, someone who has a certain amount of education and has learned about research in a minute degree would at least know to check the sources. For the *average* person (aka myself before any higher education) no, I would have believed it the second I heard it. Maybe I trust nursing instructors too much??! LOL JMHO...peace. ~J edit: maybe I read that wrong...childbirth instructor vs. nursing instructor....but then again I have no idea what credentials someone needs to teach a childbirth class =).
  10. RNin2007

    1000 marbles

  11. RNin2007

    Lipstick Dangerous? Fact or Fiction?

    omg that is ridiculous...she should know better as far as reputable sources. G'ssssss! ~J
  12. RNin2007

    Your username - what does it mean?

    uh, cuz i'll be an RN in the year 2007 - apparently I found on another forum yesterday we aren't supposed to have RN anywhere in our username unless we are actually an RN. But I don't see the masses of other un-RNs with RN in their username rushing to change them. So how incredibly exciting is that...? I think the meaning of my username is pretty clear. Guess I could change it to AreEhnin2007 if I were desperate, lol. ~J
  13. RNin2007

    First word that comes to mind.....

  14. RNin2007

    Halloween Ghost Story...

    LOL!!!! That was great. My kid loved it. =) ~J
  15. RNin2007

    Banana phone

    Heh...found the original on limewire....great song!!! If I had only heard this when my kids were little, the song would have been haunting my head for years LOL! ~J