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  1. Maybe the reason that she feels uncomfortable about telling you about this part of her job is because you make it difficult for her to talk to you openly about it. Your insecurities are causing her to want to hide that part from you, not because she finds this other man attractive sexually, but because she knows you will not react well. It's obvious that you care deeply about your wife and your marriage, so I feel that it would be best for you to seek counseling to get to the root of this issue. I promise you, your wife is only doing her job and sees cleaning the peri area of an uncircumcised gentleman as just another task that she needs to do to perform excellent patient care.
  2. NicoleLynch

    Breaking up...

    I'm sorry to see you are hurting. Break ups are never easy. It sounds like you knew in your heart that this was the right decision though, even though it was a tough one for you to make. Like NF_eyenurse said, it sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders for how young you are. You know what you want out of life and it can be hard to be with someone who doesn't seem to have any direction. Take it one day at a time and take care of yourself. Cry when you need to. I also like the idea of going for a run when you need time to think. Time will help you heal your heart and try to remember that it does get better!