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  1. Krzysztof

    PPO vs. HHO

    First, consumers with out-of-network benefits at any level of reimbursement are not "victims." Insurance is a product and should be scrutinized with the same vigor as any other product, tangible or otherwise. Most people know more about Justin Bieber than their own insurance coverage, and Beebs doesn't cover one red cent of their healthcare expenses. Insurance terms are clear; countless state and federal regulations require this. If they are in any way unclear, they should be questioned. That is part of being a responsible and educated consumer. Believe it or not, there are insurance company representatives that can and will spend time going over every dirty detail of your plan until you can recite them backwards in Yiddish. I know because I did it for years. Except for the Yiddish part. It's very esoteric and most people don't get it. As for complaints and/or horror stories, you could yell the question out your window and get ten eager responses. People love a good insurance screw job story, regardless of circumstances. Search again on Google and I guarantee you'll find anything you could care to see. Many will be true... and many more untrue.
  2. Krzysztof

    Is it just me or all the female nurses

    Feel better?
  3. Krzysztof

    Is it just me or all the female nurses

    What exactly is "shallow" about a single person commenting on their experience in learning the marital status of their classmates? It's quite obviously a lighthearted discussion and perhaps the overwhelming need to insert insulting adjectives such as "sad" and "shallow" is an indication of one's own need to lighten up.
  4. Krzysztof

    Is it just me or all the female nurses

    I would share some of my best moves, but the ladies monitor this forum. And I don't want them to melt. Behave yourself.

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