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  1. My sister turned me on to a really good coconut oil, veggie, protein shake. It's so yummy, filling and healthy. I am losing belly fat. bestcoco4u has more info. I do try to walk a few times a week and have added one salad a day to diet, but I really think it's those healthy shakes that are slimming me down. Anyone else hear use coconut oil?
  2. jaad

    It was fun...gotta run

    It was great fun talking politics with you. Unfortunately, my home, husband, excercise, and sales have taken a hit..LOL I Wish you all the best... Hubby has a licensing deal on Wednesday...which means we will hopefully be able to create some jobs...feed some more mouths, and help American's more. I'd love to keep talking about how the ozone layer is thinning, and inequality, but I don't believe it's making good use of my time when I could be doing much more for our country. Warmest Regards....Jaad
  3. jaad

    Income Inequality - Oxfam Report

    Although family and friends mean everything to all of us, I am sure glad we have people who are driven to be their best ie., inventors...because family and friends didn't create the wonderful luxuries you and I enjoy on a daily basis.
  4. jaad

    Income Inequality - Oxfam Report

    I am glad you two are enjoying your sex life... :yes: The U.S. government paid around $86 million too much for penis pumps, according to a government watchdog. The federal Medicare program covered nearly 474,000 claims between 2006 and 2011 for the vacuum erection systems, a treatment option for erectile dysfunction, Reuters reports. The bill: $172 million, according to the report from the inspector general for the Department of Health and Human Service. Had the government paid the price regular customers pay for penis pumps, it could have saved $14.4 million a year — or a total of $86.4 million over six years. Conservaties pilloried the report, saying the government shouldn’t be in the business of subsidizing erectile dysfunction tools. “To those seniors who really do want one,” Ben Domenici of think tank the Heartland Institute told Reuters, “just buy it yourself – you don’t need to send the bill to your fellow Americans.” Penis pumps are just the latest example of wasteful spending in Congress, even as lawmakers grapple over a $1 trillion budget. Read more: Penis pumps: Medicare Overpaid for Vacuum Erection System | TIME.com Penis pumps: Medicare Overpaid for Vacuum Erection System | TIME.com
  5. So let me ask you this. When voter fraud is found. What do you believe the punishment should be whether right or left? What is your solution to avoiding it?
  6. jaad

    Income Inequality - Oxfam Report

    If I was unemployed, I'd be worried about my own income and not someone else's. Obama took 4 million dollars of tax payers money to go on vacation (Dec). If I had no income, talking about his spending still does no good. Can Billionaires afford to give the government more? Sure...we need more penis pumps paid by tax payers instead of helping to create jobs. You know, when our government can get their act together, perhaps people would build some kind of trust. When our government is corrupt, let's fix that first before we worry about rich people who worked hard to get there.
  7. I can see why you have such a passion, and I appreciate your post, but with all of the requirements today of flying, banking, doctor's offices, I don't see how someone as a US citizen could not have some form of ID. With the fraud that goes on in this country, I would think it's only fair that the system in place to vote would be taken very seriously.
  8. I know you love to say Faux...but I have not heard them talk about this thread, nor have I linked a fox quote regarding this topic. Obama lovers love to make stuff up...doesn't surprise me!
  9. Sorry...left out illegal immigrants and felons too.
  10. If I was an immigrant, a felon, or someone who had never paid into the system, I would not expect others to allow me to vote. If I have lost control of my life, I would not be bitter. Come on, be real honest why you care so much about showing an ID? How many people can not get one? If they can't, there is a real problem in this country!!! Just a scam to get extra votes by the DEMS...sorry won't buy it!
  11. jaad

    Income Inequality - Oxfam Report

    I am more afraid of my president than rich people. My president made his priority Obamacare instead of creating jobs. When my president tries to create jobs, my president made green jobs one of his administration’s priorities - "The bankruptcy of Solyndra, the solar-panel manufacturer that has collapsed despite receiving half a billion dollars from the federal government, is only the tip of the iceberg. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that several other green companies that received generous federal aid are teetering on the brink. - See more at: http://www.visionandvalues.org/2011/11/green-fiascoes-and-boondoggles/#sthash.ebxBSkXy.dpuf" Do you honestly think the government's cry for poverty is real? Statistics from 2006 showed that if all the federal dollars spent by antipoverty programs had been given directly to Americans below the poverty line, a poor family of four would have received $67,000. The actual aid received by poor Americans is less than half that amount. - See more at: The Governing Elite vs. the Rest of Us | Center for Vision and Values - A conservative think tank promoting truth and liberty through a vision of faith and freedom. The purpose of the government- Keeping our country safe. For everything else, I'd rather see the private sector get involved whenever possible. If it's not possible and necessary for the government to get involved, then I am okay with that. Let me ask you this... Do you think Department of Agriculture (USDA) is using our money wisely when they spent $300,000 to promote caviar. I mean come on! If we lived in a world where money wasn't an issue, I probably wouldn't mind that our government was paying for Moroccans to create and design pottery Re: hard times. I have been there. My kids knew nothing other than shopping at thrift stores. We went to bed many nights worrying about rent. Before the invention of heat, cars, and medicine, how did people make it? Next, it will be unfair if taxpayers don't want to pay for cloning humans. As we become so advanced in technology, we become more and more fortunate, while those in other countries don't even have a clue what it's like to even own a pair of shoes, or have a grocery store. We have forgotten how to be thankful that nothing is deserved and anything is a blessing that you didn't have to work for. True not all are born into poverty. We need to ask why people lose their jobs? What made them go from a comfort life to uncomfortable? I know the struggles people go through to make ends meet. I was there. Instead of griping about income equality, I gained skills. Why go to eight years of college, then go through one’s 20s and 30s working 50-, 60-, or 70-hour weeks if your resulting income is going to be redistributed to the guy with a high school education who works a lot fewer hours per week so that your lifestyle is only marginally more affluent than his? And think of the moral hazard such a policy creates for lower-skilled, lower-income workers: If they can receive a guaranteed income that affords them a comfortable standard of living without having to invest the time and effort to improve their skills and productivity (i.e., the value of their labor) then why would they bother trying to improve? Government redistribution designed to reduce income inequality rewards and subsidizes those who are less productive and penalizes the productive. The result is that the ranks of the unproductive swell while those of the wealth-producers shrink. Society gets poorer. History shows us the corrosive effect of such policies. The Roman Empire Empire rotted from within as government redistributed wealth from the more productive to the less productive. Sadly, in his zeal to “fundamentally transform” America, this president calls for policies that lead to the same tragic fate that befell Rome. Like a magician, Obama is a master of misdirection. By drawing our attention to the inequality of incomes, many fail to perceive what he is actually accomplishing—a significant increase in the inequality of political power. The power of the leviathan government in Washington continues to grow while the rest of us are increasingly oppressed by that power. This is the real inequality that should concern us. Income Inequality: Fact And Fiction - Forbes
  12. You have some very good arguments. What worries me (won't worry any liberals of course) is that as we get poorer and sicker, the "equality" means Conservatives will lose their voice, and then we will continue to elect ones who think like Obama, then fail!
  13. If I were an employer like Walmart, I would try to see if I could give the employees a larger discount on health food (green veggies). This would be an incentive to get more food, more healthy food, and cut down on health care costs...most likely.
  14. My way of lowering the bill would be to have someone like Dr Fuhrman treat them first. He has a different view on food/health/medicine/government. It's refreshing...and it works for the majority. I'd gladly exchange my tax dollars to help someone eat better before I'd want to keep throwing band-aids of medication on the problem. But why would we want to save money and lives just by changing our diet...no, that would just make too much sense. "According to a Cochrane Review treating patients with medications to reach lower blood pressure targets below the standard 140/90 did not show any reduction in morbidity and mortality. The researchers conducted a meta-analysis of over 22,000 adults with hypertension taking anti-hypertension medication which indicated a higher risk for total mortality and a relatively significant increased risk of major cardiovascular events with more aggressive use of medications. High blood pressure (BP) is defined as having a systolic (the upper number) blood pressure above 140 and a diastolic (the lower number) blood pressure above 90 mmHg. High blood pressure is a risk factor for increased risk of heart attack and stroke. As a result this range has become the standard blood pressure target for physicians and patients. A recent trend toward lower targets has been recommended by hypertension experts who set treatment guidelines. This trend is based on the assumption that the use of drugs to bring the BP lower than 140/90 mmHg range will reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. However, this approach was proven false even in high risk patients. The review was performed to find and assess all trials designed to examine whether lower blood pressure targets are better than standard blood pressure targets. When the data was analyzed, it revealed that using more drugs in the lower target groups did achieve modestly lower blood pressures. However, this approach did not prolong survival or reduce stroke, heart attack, heart failure or kidney failure.2 Blood pressure medications are especially a concern when medication lowers the diastolic number too low. When the diastolic blood pressure is lowered excessively (as they lower systolic pressure), it increases the potential for cardiac arrhythmias that can lead to death.3 The excessive use of blood pressure medications that lower diastolic blood pressure too low also have been shown to increase the occurrence of atrial fibrillation, another serious rhythm disturbance of the heart.4 I have been educating my patients and readers about this for many years and now this meta-analysis provides even more scientific evidence that supports my recommendations--to avoid heart attack and stroke, the goal is not just to achieve a systolic blood pressure below 130; you must achieve it without medication!" Disease Proof : Healthy Food