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    Are YOU a closet Pen Addict?

    I'm picky about my pens, and the price is irrelevant: I've had some of my favorite pens be the giveaway ones! I have a beautiful Waterman I got as a gift, and it doesn't get used much at all, because it's on my desk at home. I don't want to lose a pen that cost over a hundred bucks (how stupid a pricetag is that, anyway?!?) so it doesn't really get used! I haven't seen any new drug company pens in quite some time. I think they've gone the way of the dodo (around here anyway). But you can still get freebies at the job fairs, and trade shows, conferences, etc :)
  2. RNsRWe

    My Nazi Patient

    Remember the original post. The patient in question obviously supported Hitler, so it's not a question of whether or not everyone else did...just this patient, which made the nurse feel uncomfortable. As would I.
  3. RNsRWe

    My Nazi Patient

  4. RNsRWe

    My Nazi Patient

    It does matter what the OP thinks; she didn't say she treated her differently or poorly because of the revelation. And it matters because if how a patient thinks of me *might* affect how I care for him or her, then that assignment needs to be changed. Frankly, if a patient started spouting to me about how Hitler was a darned nice guy, and just really misunderstood, I think I'd need to change my assignment. Fast. I'm sure one of my co-workers would handle them much better than I.

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