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  1. HelloWish

    Ketogenic Diet

    Klone, Would you mind sharing some of your meals, what you are eating. I have tried low carb a couple of times and couldn't stick to it so maybe I just need some carbs to manage. It is hard though...would love ideas on how you find it more manageable!
  2. HelloWish

    Should raw milk be illegal to sell?

    I drank raw milk for at least 5 years and never got sick. However, I knew the farmers and their practices. I wouldn't drink raw milk from any commercial manufacturer however!
  3. HelloWish

    Help - A biofilm is growing in my drain after I colored my hair!

    Perhaps the bio film was already there and the dye colored it... I'd use vinegar or bleach
  4. HelloWish

    An awkward moment

    I am pro breastfeeding and actually breastfed my son until 3 years old! I feel I would have been uncomfortable with that situation as well. I would not have wanted to breastfeed in public past the age of 1 year old. I have no problem with public breastfeeding, however breastfeeding 5/6 year old in public, is in my opinion, opening the door up for accusations!
  5. HelloWish

    What Would You Do?

    Interesting topic... I was just thinking, could someone drink community pool water in an emergency with proper sanitation measures? We have a community pool but also a few ponds around, wildlife out back...maybe I need to get a bow and arrow or something...LOL! I always keep emergency water on hand and food, but I think I will pick up some seeds for growing fruits and veggies too! I think I will get one of those life straws to have on hand!\ This is all something I have been meaning to do anyway, but after reading this thread I will do it sooner rather than later!
  6. HelloWish

    Call the Midwife on Netflix

    I have and loved it, also read and really enjoyed the book! I just started watching the London Hospital! Wow - it is an amazing look of what life was like without modern medical technology...

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