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    Help me resolve my feelings about a very small engagement ring.

    Thanks. My fiance works a job making about 50% of what I do but he also has MUCH less expenses. However, I am helping him pay for his career which will require about $4,000 in start up equipment, which he doesn't have saved. So that is why I said he could afford a nicer ring, and that I am also supporting him financially. I guess this post sums it up. I don't want a wedding, want to go to the courthouse, and am not at all someone to go on shopping sprees. My most expensive purse probably cost $40 from JC Penny's. I shop clearance sales. I live minimally. Right now I am wearing a $4 shirt from Target and $9 yoga pants. But there are a few things I would want to invest into, and a beautiful ring that would last a lifetime would be one of them. I can tell that my current ring is cheap, will be scuffed/scratched, and on top of it causes me an allergy. I am all for buying my own jewelry, but multiple people have advised me that he might see this as offensive.
  2. I am engaged to be married for about a year now. I love my fiance very dearly. We have been together for a long time and gone through a lot. I have supported him mentally, physically, and now financially as he begins his training. He works a good job. We have been together for 10 years. My ring is less then a 0.25 carat diamond. When I went to get it resized, I inquired about buying some colored stones the lady at the jeweler stated that my ring was like a "$35 diamond." It made me tearful to hear that, because she was so flippant, as if my ring was cheap and worthless. My fiance did not want me to show him any types of rings. I pretended like I loved my ring, but have confided in a few of my friends that I am disappointed in the size and poor quality. I am always judged harshly, but many of these girls have 1-2 carat diamonds or larger. One of my friends was recently engaged and her stone is beautiful. Everyone was gushing over it, and even though I was happy for her, I can't help but feel jealous of her beautiful ring. It makes me feel selfish and materialistic, and never in the world would I imagine that I would be the girl who coveted the beautiful diamond. But it makes me feel like my fiance didn't put any time and effort into the ring he picked, and didn't want to spend his money on me. He has enough to buy me a decent stone. I am thinking of purchasing my own, but I don't want to hurt his feelings. Please help me.
  3. If this show was accurate, it would show nurses getting screamed at by families, call lights dinging everywhere while your wireless phone rings off the hook and you're up to your elbows in poo, UTI's from holding your own pee, dry crusted lips from dehydration, collapsing at the end of your shift (no energy for parties), that moment where your blood is finished - ER is calling for that admit - and your little old lady calls go to the bathroom and it takes 20 minutes each time to get her up and back to bed and you don't have time for this but no one is around to help, and you freeze up for a minute because you are so overwhelmed ... being told your whiteboards aren't up-to-date while you're desperately trying to care for a de-compensating patient ... getting puked on after the patient in room 11 demanded to eat when the doctor repeatedly informed you that she is to be NPO but "I'm soooo hunngrrry" .... WHY are we allowing this show to air? This show is so detrimental and disrespectful to the HORROR that we deal with everyday. The abuse, the horrific things that our patients deal with (mentally scarring to see some of the suffering that we do see), the stress. I feel like crying at this horrible depiction. No one will ever help us and respect us anymore if this is what nursing is seen as in popular media. We should start a petition for it to be stopped.
  4. All I could think when I heard it was being released by MTV: Oh no (groan)

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