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  1. fetch

    What do single nurses do on their days off?

    This is exactly how I plan to spend my summer!
  2. fetch


    (Here my ADD shines through, as I have so many disjointed thoughts about that little pink ribbon! Take this as a warning, it's not a very organized post.) Hardly an unbiased source, but here's where my dislike of the pinkwashing began: Think Before You Pink » History of the Pink Ribbon It was turned from a grass-roots peach ribbon, passed out by a woman who was essentially saying "this disease is killing women and no one is paying attention," into a huge money making scheme for any company that wants to make something pink, get increased sales, and then donate a pitiful amount to "research." On the plus side, it now has lots of attention and research. So I guess in that sense, Charlotte Haley was successful. - As for the NFL thing . . . it seems like a cruel joke for NFL players to wear pink, ostensibly to support women, when it seems like every month there's another NFL player charged with domestic violence. - In my (secondhand) experience, pink became very over-done by the time my aunt was nearing the end of her battle. She and her sisters switched back to her favorite color of purple for all gestures of support. I think this also ties in to the facts that she had triple-negative cancer that was caught as a stage 3 just a few months after a totally normal mammogram -- most of the family felt very helpless, that no amount of research was helping her very specific situation. - I realized I didn't know the actual data for cancer research breakdown, so here's a link for anyone else curious. This is the breakdown of grants by the American Cancer Association by type of cancer, as of March 2013. current-grants-by-cancer-type And here's the one for the National Cancer Institute for 2010, 2011, and 2012 (scroll down to #4). Cancer Research Funding - National Cancer Institute Per both, breast cancer research far and away gets the most amount of funding. - Tangentially related, those "save the tatas" t-shirts drive me BANANAS. How about we save the WOMEN, even if that means they lose "third base"?
  3. fetch

    Photos as avatars: A cautionary tale.

    While I agree with most of your post, this is just not true. For example, AN offers many default avatars, including celebrities (there are quite a few Willow Rosenberg faces on here!). User ThePrincessBride has a picture of - you guessed it - Robin Wright from The Princess Bride as their avatar. Another user - I think VintageNurse? - has an old photo of a nurse as their avatar, and has admitted that they do not know who that person is (got it via Google). All of those are people using another's face as their image on AN, and all of them are perfectly fine. For the web as a whole, as long as you do not obtain a photo illicitly, you're not risking any kind of liability by using another person as your avatar. I mean, it's sketchy, but not illegal. Consider dating sites, and how notorious they are for people using fake photos. Other sites may have specific prohibitions against using any people in avatars as a part of their TOS. For AN, as long as you do not give out personally identifying information or spread libel, you are perfectly fine to use someone else's face.
  4. fetch

    Involuntary Celibacy (Incel)

    StNeotser hit the nail on the head - ENTITLEMENT! "Involuntary celibacy," give me a break. And it only affects males, wow, what a shock. What happens when women can't get a date? They get called losers and told all sorts of problems that they need to "fix." But if a man can't get a date he claims "involuntary celibacy" and he doesn't have to make any introspection. Ooh, this sort of thing really ruffles my feathers, I'm sure you can tell. NO ONE is entitled to sex - except with their own self, maybe!
  5. fetch

    Conservative nurses

    Another thing to consider, OP, is that many who do not wish to discuss political issues in person may keep quiet or agree someone in order to placate them and not cause a ruckus in the workplace. Things can get heated very quickly, when political intersects with personal. If you are vocal about being conservative, those around you could disagree vehemently but keep quiet to keep peace. That might make you think nursing is more conservative than it actually is. As a liberal and a Southerner, I can certainly attest to the fact that since the perceived majority is conservative, it is often much more prudent to disagree silently (and with my vote) than to speak up at work.

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