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    I can see why some left, but come on

    She pmd me when she got home from work thanks Zoe

    I can see why some left, but come on

    I see the other thread I posted was closed . Why I dont know. Honestly dont care..... It would be nice if the reason for which the thread was closed was presented to the thread starter. I find it very rude and unprofessional that things are snatched away without explaniations. If it was something I said then inform me, but to just take the thread away with out allowing me to read the responses is JUST RUDE. Its not often I have heard from those that are my friends I have been busy and basically uncontactable throught the site because as you all Know I missed the who ha and well poof many are gone. I find it sad to know that things that were said to me and I didnt get a chance to read are taken from me without my even given a chance to read them. Just my thoughts and words of pearls of wisdom to the higher powers that be Zoe

    I can see why some left, but come on

    Hey before yall bust up because your panties are in a WAD understand this, Zoe's comments were made to me , And I have yet to get my panties in a bunch so why SHOULD anyone else.... Zoe keep your name do as you wish its no biggy to me as you can tell We are totally different people, Your nice about it, Me on the other hand I tell it like it is. I call a spade a spade and Im not PC about it. Its a shame the claws still come out and some still feel the need to express thier power. Yes I do suggest some prozac areosol be installed when you chat, Nerves are still sitting on sleeves and not sure how many faces some have at this point. Zoe your comments by no way offended me and personally if they offended someone else then they truly need thier estrogen levels checked. You however might have comments said to you because the Zoe name is mostly associated with me, and well I have enjoyed my time here I speak my mind and I honestly try not to hurt anothers feelings intentional but I also dont bob my head like a dashboard doll with a yes nod. I give advice to those that ask for it, I give information to those that need it and I will stand and hold your hand when the walls close in on you.... thats just who I am. Im not into backbitting I get enough of that at work. I will stand up for anyone that I see is getting the wrong side of the deal... again thats just who I am... If I have become something that displeases the Almighties here then Im sure one will tell me, but until that point , there is very little that I take personally from chat I realize that its just a way of expressing ones self and if it keeps you from GOING POSTAL in the area of Nursing you work in then so be it... FLAP your gums and enjoy your career. Just my thoughts Zoe

    Where did everyone go??????

    Well Im not sure I would be what thier looking for either, I just tell it like it is. I dont hold favorites nor do I covet the idiots just because I find the cute or appealing to be around. I am what I am. Im like medicine. Take as directed and finish the entire course. Im not sure Im into the PC thing either, well I can tell you I am not. I say whats on my mind. Im reality based and well there is only one person in my lifetime I answer to and the Almighty isnt currently concerned with my words of wisdom that collectively fall out of my lips or my fingertips. I have yet to be repremanded but Im sure that will come with time and the ways things are now. Im not here enough to really bust out with a huge amount of concern. I guess when I step out of line I will get my virtual hand slapped and I will trolly along with school once again. I can say after reading some of the posts that the tones have changed and well its somewhat like listening to someone monotone. But maybe due to what happened (By the way Im still clueless on) everyone is just a tad afraid to let thoughts be expressed as they wished they could or just basically not in the mood for a virtual hand slapping. Just my thoughts Zoe

    Where did everyone go??????

    Ok thanks for the smoozing and stuff but no one has answered my question....... Where is the hang out ????? Not that it is bad here but it seems a tad sedated and if you know me I aint into the prozac section of the BB. Im more of the blood and guts of the whole kit and kabootal and as far as the PC things I aint into that either nursing isnt PC and neither am I , Im a tell it like it is and hand you a band aid type of person. I dont like stepping on toes but then again I wont dance around a bush either, been there done that and got a 2 cent raise from it. More into the stress relieve and down and dirty so I wont go into work and kill someone for shear stupidty of thier lack of being a influence and being a hinderence. Good to be back and if anyone has an FYI for where the nasty mouthed heffers with attitude and gumption not to stand around and bounce thier heads like yes men in adminstration I would soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo appreciate it. Zoe

    Where did everyone go??????

    Did I miss something while I was getting my education or something? It seems the board has changed and people have left. Was there a mass evacuation and no one informed me of this???? Can someone with a name I would recognize inform me of what happened and why... Thanks Zoe


    My nickname is Zoe which means daughter of god and healer, and I recieved this name when I married my husband who is Muslim and I changed my name to accomidate the laws of the religion. Its all I have changed. He personally picked out the name for me and it is legal , but I have had this name for years before I met him I had no idea what it meant until he told me. I named a dog that I loved dearly zoe and when I lost her I did it as a memorial for her. The nickname then was ITSJUSTMEZOE, because when she whinned she whistled through her snout. Other nicknames I have are the Zoester which I didnt really like because it sounds too much like a virus lol and Im not one to be a herpe toter lol Hey You I have answered to many times and its a functional name and then the perverbal Biotch, well thats an earned name and I wear it well when pushed to the limit. Blondie-because of my hair and I have a certain whit about me. Princess and only my father calls me that well thats because Im the only girl in many generations and I am put on a pedestool. Zoe

    What other degrees/diplomas/certificates do you have?

    I started out as a CNA, then went LPN, then ADN RN, Now BSN- MSN working on my CNS. I have BCLs,ACLS,CCRN(Exp), will have my CNOR,RNFA,MOUSE. Before I was a nurse I was a hairdresser that put myself throught college twice. I have a BS in Microbilogy, and Marine Sciences, which I dont even mention now because that was a lifetime ago. Zoe

    Threat of Small Pox and the vaccine

    I was one of the nurses in my area that was offered and I accepted the vaccine. During the initial phase of getting ready for it I found out that I have an underlining cardiac condition that will and did prevent me from accepting the vaccine. I protested and yet I will not have it. Its ok. Its something that I felt was needed to do. Its one choice to get this done. I stood up because of the fear of the overall possibilties. If I can get the underlining condition cleared I will take the vaccine. Zoe

    Trip to LV Idea

    Hey since I havent shown my face in a LONGGGGGGGGGGG time, I would be up for a Vegas trip..... Im in LA so thats close, I would jump on the idea in a heartbeat to meet some of yall. Zoe

    Confused about war?

    I speak to him every night at 9 pm like clockwork. He is still sitting over there waiting for it to either cut loose and go nuts or just settle down and see whats going to happen. Atleast I get to speak to my husband I cant imagine what it must be like not to. I hurt for those whose family is over in the middle east sitting in the sand waiting for Bush to either give the order or bring them home. I got an email from a friend of mine that her husband too has gotten his orders, and he is due to leave next week , their first child is due in March. Im waiting for her water to break just off nerves. I wonder how many that post on this board have friends of family that are in the service and had to take a deep breath and hold back their tears as they have watched their family member leave and You pray to everything holy that they just come back. I was lucky at some sort , My husband put me on a plane and just about made me come here. The excuse to finish my degree, the reason: Because it would be hard to hide a Blonde southern speaking woman that wont shut up. I know his job is dangerous I knew that when I married him.... I just kind of thought the world would behave long enough for me to grow old and die. Zoe

    Stupid movies.....

    Yall must not have been desperate enough to rent 40 days and 40 nights... I bet I would have enjoyed it if I had testicles and zits? what ya think? Thank God my cable has been installed Zoe

    Confused about war?

    Thanks,I will take every prayer I can hang on to. I been here awhile, Im glad I came back to the states just to be close by my family if something does occur. I know I cant be by his side at this time, and that I can accept, but I wished the world would just behave.. Zoe

    Just for laughs

    Gee and all this time I thought the thread about the Male New Grads salary was the Just for laughs thread... Love far side Sadly I understand all of them lol Im from the far side looking out Zoe

    Confused about war?

    Anytime, havent slept much since Hubby got to orders to Bug out from the Embassy....... Now Im stuck to cnn and cspan, and whinning on here. Zoe