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I play guitar, write short stories, and go to school at Riverside Community College

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    Any INFP personalities in nursing?

    So here is the deal, I'm an INFP-t. I am also a PMHNP-BC-resident with the VA and I love it. While I haven't gotten into the thick of it, I find the receptors and pathways fascinating and also intangible so I never lose interest. I enjoy just how much therapy happens, I enjoy seeing people at that level and being non-judgmental and supportive. I didn't always work in psych and used my strong empathy skills in ortho to take care of people in desperate pain, and to chat with them as they settled in for the night. It's a huge, huge profession. I fully recommend stealing the insight that can be garnered from the specialties for MDs on a searchable website. I think psych is one of ours. Good luck in life! Hope this helps...