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  1. NurseGirl525

    I'll take a burger with a kids meal please!

    I have an incredible man who cooks for me on nights I work. I help out on the night s I don't. It's 50/50 in my house. I now I'm lucky. I must ask are you studying so much you do my have time to cook? Study more efficiently, not more time. Cooking can be a great stress reliever.
  2. NurseGirl525

    South Carolina Senate Votes to Remove Confederate Flag

    Ok, but can I just say the thing that ticked my off the most over this whole Confederate Flag thing is that TV Land stop showing reruns of the Dukes of Hazzard because their car has a Confederate Flag on it!! I am super upset. That show was in no way racist and now it's gone. I never really viewed the flag as racist. It is a part of our history. And when talking about Germany let's remember it's a socialist country, not a democratic country. There is a difference there. It really bugs me when people talk about wanting to have a free country, but only if it's their idea of free with their ideas of what is right and what is wrong. That is one of the biggest problems that I see facing our country today. People want you to be accepting and tolerant, but only if it's what they deem acceptable and tolerant. People want you to be religious, but only if it's their religion. People want freedom of speech, but only if it's speech acceptable to them. People want you to be educated, but only if it's the education they want you to have. It can't be both ways. More and more, I see this country becoming a socialist country like Germany. Socialism is not going to work here. This is a capitalistic, democratic country, founded on people coming here to get away from a country that would not allow them to be themselves. They wanted to celebrate their own religion. King George said no. They came here with the idea of developing a free nation. Is our history without flaws and horrible deeds done by people before us? But it is our history that cannot be erased and by banning certain things and not allowing people to talk and wanting to erase it, you can't. You can't erase that slavery existed in this country. That was the way of the world back then. America did not start slavery. It goes back way before that. But we as a country, changed it. Our ancestors fought a bloody horrific war to change that. I have never looked at the Confederate Flag and thought modern day racism. Never. When I see it, I think of the General Lee. It was my favorite show as a kid until Knight Rider came around. In all seriousness, people have got to stop being offended and expected absolutely everyone to be politically correct all the time. It's not going to happen. And if you spend your life constantly being offended, well your wasting your life away being unhappy all the time. I believe that every, single person in this country should be equal and have a voice in our country. I feel everyone should be able to love who they want to love and that women and men should make equal pay for equal work. I believe a black person and a white person should be equal in every single aspect. In employment, pay, education, and love. I do not discriminate at all. I just honestly feel like in order to be PC anymore we are losing focus on what is important. A stupid flag does not have power. It is an inanimate object. The kid who committed these horrendous killings is the one who had the power. Why are we not spending our time and money trying to find a way to get in touch with these young boys that are getting guns and doing these things. Whether it is a school in Sandy Hook, a church in South Carolina, or a movie theater in Colorado, something, somewhere is happening with young men these days where they think this is the action they need to take. Instead our country is fighting over an inanimate object. As usual, we are focusing on the wrong thing. We are bringing more hate amongst ourselves instead of rallying together. People want to scream ban this, ban that!! Like that is going to fix it. In order for these awful events to stop, we need to get to the bottom of what is going on in the first place. I think these boys have lots of mental illness going on. What if we all worked on a way to get into the high schools or junior highs and help kids with mental illness learn how to deal with it? What if we tried to catch it early and get these kids into therapy and maybe on life-saving medications? What if someway we could find a good mental screening for teenagers? Why can't we all find a way to do these things instead of insisting on banning stuff? I will tell you why, because it's a quick easy way out. Hey, we banned the Confederate Flag today, so now there won't be any more racist things going on in this country. Let's pat ourselves on the back because no more shootings will occur. A bunch of politicians did that today. They walked out of that session, patted each other on the back and said well done boys, the problem was that dang flag and we fixed it. Until the next mass shooting happens somewhere else in this country.
  3. NurseGirl525

    dating- this ever happen to you?

    Lol. Sorry. Guess that went way over my head!!! I don't know that I am ever getting married again. If my boyfriend and I want to be together forever, I'm thinking we can just live together. I don't know that I want the legal contract again. I'm not a big cat fan either. I love my dog though!!! I really think someone needs to invent a creep-o-meter. So, when you go up to meet someone for the first time it could instantly tell you if they are or not. The stories I could tell from my last year of online dating!!! Let's just say one involves a tried and true little person who claimed he was 5'10" on his profile.
  4. NurseGirl525

    "I hate the United States"

    I'm going to venture a guess and say she was pretty young when coming here. Maybe somewhere around 6 or 7. So, she probably does have good memories of the middle east because she was so young. She probably wasn't there when the oppression begins in adolescent girls. If she was there until the age of around 16, her story would maybe be different. She most likely would not have gotten an education unless her parents were wealthy, and even then very few get any education beyond religious teachings. I thank my lucky stars every day that I was born into this country. I really do. I cannot imagine especially with my personality about being someplace where I would be covered up head to toe every day in that awful heat and not be allowed to voice my opinion or really even be heard. That somehow I was the lowest of low because I'm a woman. Not to be allowed to know how to read and write. I don't like everything that goes on in America. I have my own strong values and beliefs. But the fact that I can express myself, be myself, and just basically allowed to do what I want, makes me thankful that I was born here. I am allowed to stand up for what I believe in. I'm sure though, that girl has experienced a lot of hatred from people in this country and she may think our country is too free for her liking. But the fact she can express that and have her own opinion is because she is in this country. I also think that because of our media and Hollywood in particular, people get a false sense of what our country is about before moving here. The majority of Americans do not live in big fancy houses, drive fast cars, and don't have money problems. They immigrate her based on a fantasy. That everyone owns their own houses and has big paying jobs. We do have problems with unemployment, homelessness, drug issues. We have many criminals here. You have to work your butt off for years and years to buy a small piece of land with a house. People often have to rent homes with crappy landlords because of unfortunate circumstances in their lives. Many people are living a couple of paychecks away from homelessness. I hope at some point she realizes here parents more than likely came here not for them, but so their children could have better lives when they grow up. It has to be extremely difficult for first-generation immigrants to come here. But I'm sure they did it for their kids.
  5. NurseGirl525

    Granny needs some advice

    I grew up in the 80's. We played outside all day long, came home when my mom yelled for us. They had no idea where we were. We got on our bikes and went. Although I can remember when I road my first bike around 4 or 5 I could only ride down to the corner and back. It was within eyesight and she put a giant, tall flag on my bike. I also had to wear knee pads and elbow pads. I remember being so embarrassed by all of that. And I know you say in your mind 4? Of course you had to be in eyesight!! But, I started kindergarten at 4. I walked to and from school starting in first grade when I was 5. It was about a half mile to mile trek. You went a certain route and there were safety patrols who were sixth graders that let you cross the street. But no sidewalks at all. You just learned back then. And none of my friends had those stupid flags that went 8 feet in the air!! Lol. I have a nine year old son. I had a super hard time letting him out of my sight. But, when he was 7, I started little by little. I live in a neighborhood in the country. Not many cars go down the streets out here, but there is not a lot of kids either. I have mostly retired people in my area. I started just letting him play in the front yard or going to a neighbors to play basketball at their hoop. The neighbor told me he could play there anytime and it was no issue. He would even lower the hoop to his size. Then I gave him distances where he could ride his bike. Maybe down to the cul-de-sac and back. Then I eventually allowed him to go to the stop sign and back. Now, he goes wherever he wants. He is all about safety. He really is. And he is like his mama, doesn't like to break rules. It's funny sometimes. My ex and I have been experimenting with allowing him to stay by himself for short periods of time. He has his own phone so he can call us immediately if something goes wrong, he knows to never ever answer the door if someone knocks (do not even look out the window), and he's not allowed to touch the stove which he never has anyway. He is allowed to microwave something to eat if he wants. My kiddo is pretty mature for his age, probably because he is an only child. We first started with just very short trips. No more than a half hour. Then we gradually increased it, but he is never alone longer than 2 hours without one of us stopping at one of the houses to check on him. My ex and I live 5 minutes away from each other. My son doesn't like to go to work with his dad if he is off school for something. He ends up sitting in my ex's truck for hours while he does calls. There's not a whole lot of room in his work truck because of his tools. I spend Tues and Thurs nights with my boyfriend who is an hour away and with traffic in the morning it's hard for me to get there early. So my ex leaves for work at 7, and I pick him up no later than nine. It's worked out great so far with no issues. I was super worried at first, but then I remembered I was at home watching my little brother and sister when I was his age. I took my first babysitting job where it wasn't my siblings when I was 11. I also realized if I kept babying him, he was never going to grow up and be a confident man. He would never learn how to do things for himself or how to take care of himself if there was an issue. Problem solving skills and such. We do live in a different time where we have access to the media 24/7. It wasn't like that in the 80's. You either waited for the 6 o'clock news or read it the newspaper. When cable finally did come out, most people couldn't afford it so you had no idea what CNN was and there was no internet. The world is just as safe as it was back then with abductions and all that jazz. We just have access to everything much, much faster and it's in our faces more, which is why we think the world is unsafe.
  6. NurseGirl525


    I was wondering if you ever talked to her? In life, I have learned a few lessons. First off, live your life fully!! Just live it. It's what you are here for. Second, you will never know what will happen if you don't try it. This applies to absolutely everything. What's the worst that can happen? She says no, then what? You are at the same place you are now. Nothing ventured, is nothing gained. I do agree you need to be mentally ready though. If you are having emotional or mental issues, take the time to get those fixed first. Especially if you are reapplying to school. Most people go through nursing school without having to withdraw due to being overloaded with work. Being a nurse is being overloaded with work all the time. You need to get that under control first. Plus how will you handle a relationship in addition to school? Get your mental health in tip top shape before doing anything else.
  7. NurseGirl525

    What's your love story?

    I am going to share my story even though we are not married yet. I'm not sure if I want to get married again, but if I decide I do, it will be to him. Too much legal stuff goes into marriage nowdays. Going through my divorce almost 2 years ago taught me that. We just know that we are committed together for a lifetime. He's more into the marriage thing again than I am. And I'm glad to see his bad marriage didn't jade him like mine did. I was married for 15 years, with him for 16. We rushed into marriage and I was miserable. We moved in together and bought a house after 3 mos of dating. We got married on the one year anniversary of our first date. My marriage was mentally and emotionally abusive. He isolated me from family and friends, would not let me have a job or go to school after our son was born. He took away my access to money. I had an account that he deposited my "allowance" into every month. He called me names and made fun of me. He told me I'm lucky because he "rescued" me. That no one else would ever want me or find me attractive. I was beaten down. I hated myself and my life. He would spot check me during the day. If I happened to be sitting on the couch, I got reamed out. I was worse than a servant. I was expected to have a spotless house and do every ounce of the care for our child. He never fed our baby a bottle or changed a diaper. He never got up in the middle of the night with him. Everything in the world was my fault. I can't express how miserable I was. He also had numerous girlfriends during our marriage. I didn't want to hurt my son though. I was worried about ripping his world apart. His dad was his hero, even though his dad never spent time with him. I finally got the courage to file for divorce in August of 2013. I started rebuilding my life. I had also enrolled in school so I could finish and become a nurse. The first 10 months I concentrated on my son, me, and school. It was tough. My divorce was final in Jan of 2014. I decided to throw myself into the dating world in June of 2014. I'm not from this area, so I don't know a whole lot of people. The ones I do know are married. My ex had isolated me for so long, that most of the friends I did make, left me because of all of the crap. So, I went to the online dating sites. I met a lot of people and started putting myself out there. Some of the guys, I am just friends with. It was nice to get some friendships in my life. They introduced me to their friends and so on. Some of my really close friends did stick with me so I have them too. I actually have a huge social circle right now. I love it. But, I was getting frustrated with the online dating. I did have one relationship that lasted about 4 mos. It just didn't work, he was too selfish. I took a break from the dating world for 2 months. I got back in it this January. I was only on match for about a week when I got a message from this guy. He was very good looking and his profile was great. He said I've only been on here for 3 days and I keep coming back to you. We texted for about a week or so. He lives an hour away but was going to be in my town for work one morning and would I meet him at Starbucks. I said sure. I'm not a coffee drinker but I had some hot chocolate. We met that morning and sat there and talked for hours!! For hours!! I left with the biggest grin on my face that day. I knew he was special. We set an official date up for that weekend. He wanted to surprise me. When he picked me up, he brought me a dozen roses. The first time anyone has ever brought me flowers. He took me to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, then to downtown Indy for a Pacers game. We had excellent seats. I'm a sports nut like him. I don't even think we really watched the game. He had his arms around me and we talked the whole time. We have the same beliefs, morals, and values. We want the same things out of life. We've been together since. We don't see each other everyday because he does live an hour away. I have my son. He has no kids. But my son loves him, and he loves my son. Everything is perfect. He is everything I have honestly ever wanted in a man. His family loves me and my son, which is very important. It's like I'm having my time in the sun now. I graduate school next May. At that point we will look at houses and me and my son moving down there. I live in a very rural country area. He lives near the city and I would like to be closer to the city also. I love my house, but the area I live in is very depressed. Plus, it takes me forever to just get to a gas station or a decent grocery store. The little Target that's up here takes me 20 minutes to get to. I am 2 minutes from everything where he is at. His job and family are there so it makes more sense for me to find a job there and move down there. Lots can happen in a year also, I am cognizant of that. I also have never been in love like this before. We are each other's best friends and we have no secrets. We are both easy going laid back people who have just as much fun watching a silly tv show as we do going to a fancy restaurant and dressing up. I never understood or really believed in soulmates until I met him. I feel like I got a second chance at love. :inlove:
  8. NurseGirl525

    dating- this ever happen to you?

    You have to be "terse" sometimes. I got back in the dating scene about a year ago. When some guys realized that I was financially independent, they wanted me to pay for them and take care of them. I know the same goes for women too. So I was always upfront that I could absolutely take care of myself, that I wasn't after any man for money. I did find some men who were completely intimidated by that fact, and men who wanted to take advantage of it. Guys in general, like a woman to take care of them, usually when they are sick. My ex-husband was the worst. God forbid he ever got a fever or the sniffles. He thought he was dying every time. My boyfriend won't admit it yet, but he likes it when I take care of him too. He's been on his own for a few years and is used to taking care of himself. It is my nature to take care of everyone. I love taking care of people. But with this guy, I would run, far, far away. A guy who self-diagnoses fibro? You can't do that. I have fibro and it is very difficult to diagnose and treat. It is miserable, but you can't get better lying in bed feeling sorry for yourself. It will make it worse. This guy sounds like he has some depression going on too and really needs to see a doctor. This guy may play the victim game and there is nothing worse than that for a man or a woman. There are too many red flags here for me. Sometimes, it's hard to weed guys out just by looking at profiles. I would weed out the obviously crazy and weird ones by profile, then I would do a couple of weeks of phone calls and texting. Weeded out a lot through that. Those that made it through my screening process and got to the first date were usually ok guys. A couple weren't what they said they were, and some were just weird, and never made it past the first date. The select few on went on dates after turned out to be decent guys. And now I have met the "one". My soulmate. Online dating can be a good thing. I learned to stick to match. I would also recommend eharmony just because it costs a good bit of money. Those that are actually paying good money for these sites are guys looking for relationships. They are better quality than the free ones like okcupid and POF. Zoosk is one of the cheaper paying sites, and so many weirdos on there also. Plus, Zoosk doesn't find people near you. They show you people from all over the US. I live in Indiana, I don't want a relationship with some guy from Arizona. They sent me a lot from Cincy and Chicago too. How do you even go on a date? I just don't like that site at all and I found a lot of creepers on there. Seriously. If anyone wants a laugh go on there and look sometime. Many of them look like they could be serial killers. And their screen names are like luvstocuddle. Any guy who uses text speak in his user name and does weird, creepy profile pics, just stay away!!!
  9. NurseGirl525

    Jill Duggar & pregnancy

    Point one, be very thankful you live in a country where they are free to have as many children as they want. Would suck to live in say China or North Korea. Every, single time I see a post wanting to control what other people do based on your own personal beliefs, I want to say, live in China and see how you like it. Point two, the US population is in a decline right now and has been for about a decade. I'm not informed on the other countries, but am on the US. That is very concerning to me anyway and the future for our country and being able to live the way we live. This is due to women putting off getting married and waiting until later in life to have children and not succeeding. And I think it is great how far we women have come in the last 50 years. We are not having to be baby machines if we choose not to. But Michelle Duggar has chosen this lifestyle and I will not judge her. If she and her children are happy, who cares? Point three, have none of you taken care of a younger brother or sister? I did my whole childhood. My mom had to work, so I pitched in. Honestly, not a big deal. And since they edit the taping way down, you have no idea how much attention they get. The kids seem happy, so who are they hurting. What absolutely bothers me, is the people who will claim equal rights for all except when you don't agree with me. I find this on the liberal and conservative side. We all have to respect each other's choices even if we don't agree. They live their lives according to their beliefs and they are happy. I could care less how many kids they are having. I applaud them for staying true to their convictions even if I don't always agree with them.
  10. NurseGirl525

    Jill Duggar & pregnancy

    I guess my question is, what does it matter? She is such a cute, sweet girl, having her very first baby. She is perfectly fine to go to 42 weeks. I'm sure who ever is doing her prenatal care is on top of it. My doctor first told me my due date was January 1st. Then another one changed it to the 21st. I told them they were wrong as I knew when I conceived, they assured me it was much later. Funny, I didn't remember having sex around the time they said I conceived. I gave birth by c-section January 10th. I knew I was very overdue. My son was all wrapped in the umbilical cord and couldn't descend. After 18 hours I had to give it up as his heart rate was all over the place. He came out at almost 9lbs. Could you imagine if I had gone to the due date the other doctor had said. My mom was late with me. 2 weeks. I know I was 10 days late with my son. Due dates are a total crap shoot. The Duggars are fine. I like to watch their show every once in a while to know there are still good, family oriented people out there. I don't agree with them all the time. Guess what? We don't have to. I just find them fun. They support themselves and don't ask for a government hand out so I have no problem with however many kids they all have.
  11. NurseGirl525


    My boyfriend an I broke up over Thanksgiving. It's kind of surreal and I have been mourning the loss of this relationship. It started out as what I thought was an adult disagreement. Each text ended I love you babe. Something changed in three hours. Yes, I said three hours!! I'm still having problems comprehending what exactly changed. The thing is I should have been wary because he promised me the moon and stars so quickly but it felt so entirely good to be loved again because even though my divorce was just final this past January, the love had been gone from our marriage for a long time. I just liked feeling loved and being loved. It's over and I honestly don't want him back at all. He screwed it up all by himself. I just want the hurt to go away and I don't know how. Every day does get a little easier, and I have school to keep me busy, I just miss talking with him every day and knowing that he is there for me when I needed someone. He had honestly become my best friend. I don't let too many people in, but I did him and it hurts. :cry:
  12. NurseGirl525

    what's your favorite brand?

    I am a coke girl. Love it. No diet either. Can't stand diet. I love my Chevy cars. My ex father-in-law worked for GM so I always get the discount but this last time I looked at other cars and they just weren't the same. I absolutely love my Traverse. I got it fully loaded and it is awesome. I owned 3 Trailblazers before it. I am a Cottonelle person when it comes to TP. Nothing else. I also love my Frigidaire appliances. I wouldn't own anything else. My shoes are Nike. They fit my foot like a glove. My feet are narrow and tiny so they work. I also like my Apple products. I owned some Droids and I like the operating system better on Apple. I won't switch back to Droid.
  13. NurseGirl525

    I didn't know I was pregnant??

    I will tell you my story. First off, let me say, most of these women have made up stories to be on tv. Plain and simple. Second, I had PCOS and endo. Sometimes, I went an entire year without a period. Then I got gastropariesis so I vomited a lot and was nauseous every second of my life. I went for 2 mos. without my period. Felt different and had some cramping. Took 8, yes 8, home pregnancy tests. All came out negative. Went to my ob because I felt different. She thought it was my endo and scheduled another surgery. They did a pregnancy test before I went in and it turned up positive!! I was 10 weeks along!!! Now, when I was 20 weeks or so, I couldn't miss my son kicking the heck out of me. Plus, I gained a ton of weight due to my gastro going into remission when I was pregnant. So I was under 100lbs when I initially got pregnant and was really gross looking. I ended up gaining too much!! But honestly, when you are 7,8, or 9 mos, I don't understand how you don't know. My son was all over the place.
  14. NurseGirl525

    Favorite makeup products

    I switch it up every week. I feel like my skin gets used to one brand of makeup. So I need to change so I don't look so old with the makeup or that I am trying to hard. Here are the three I switch up with: smashbox, clinique, and neutrogena. Those are what I do with foundation and powder. I always do maybelline with mascara and I have tons of different lip gloss. I like to find anything in a rose color. I don't wear eye shadow or eyeliner. I look weird with those. I do love my makeup though.
  15. NurseGirl525

    Your Hair ?

    I'm a natural blonde. My hair will not hold color unless it is blonde. I thought I saw a white hair the other day and just about freaked out. Lol. I've tried darker for fall, and a little red for summer and my hair just does not hold any type of color unless it is blonde. I know tons of people would love to be in my shoes but I long for having some darker hair sometimes. Plus my hair is short, naturally wavy. I would like it to pick a side. Either curly or straight. I guess we all want what we can't have. :cheeky: