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    Nursing Destroyed My Family...

    Think very hard before you go to nursing school. My wife was a pleasant, good woman ten years ago when she was earning a degree in Mathematics Education. A campus nursing recruiter conned her into becoming an RN. She cloistered herself away for two years, abdicated her responsibilities to our son, and dove head long into the feminist ideology that drives this 'profession'. Now, ten years later, she's bitter, hateful, and lost in a fugue of depression, doubt, and anger. She is a chronic debtor and a gambling addict, two problems that did not exist prior to her entering the 'caring profession'. And nursing caused every blasted bit of it! And despite this, I am very much in love with this woman and will stay with her until the bitter end. Nursing is the biggest lie being fed to young women in the USA. It's not liberating, it's a servile vocation that is driven at the highest levels by radical feminism. They want to separate you from your children and drive a wedge between you and your husband. Men, do yourselves a favor, if she won't rethink nursing, take the kids and run! Otherwise, you'll be raising them on your own! Please note, I earn double what she earns! And dedicate better than 50% of my week to our child! So, don't accuse me of being jealous of her career. Of course, I spend thousands annually fixing her 'little errors' when she blows a wad at a casino or goes on a 2K shopping binge.