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  1. prmenrs

    Witnessing horrific emotional abuse!!!!!

    Just wanted to mention (if it hasn't been already) that nurses are mandated reporters in most states, I'm pretty sure that doesn't just mean in the hospital. Good Luck, we'll be praying for those kids!
  2. prmenrs

    President Palin

    Sarah Palin has not got a CLUE as to what she doesn't know. And that is the central problem. Is she studying foreign/domestic policies? Does she have any idea how Congress works (or, in most cases, doesn't). What kind of an education does she have? Has she had much more than a high school civics class? I can't think of a bigger disaster. Why the heck did McCain pick her when he could've gotten Condalezza Rice--now THAT would have been a ticket! Compare her to Colin Powell, for starters. Please, no Sarah Palin!!
  3. prmenrs

    DeMint: Loose Women Don't Belong In the Classroom

    "...How long until Mr. DeMint is revealed as secretly gay? " Or, cheating on his wife. Maybe he thought it was 1904 instead of 2004?
  4. prmenrs

    New kittehs

    Too cute!!
  5. prmenrs

    Pee Pee Power

    What I want to know is when is there going to be a fat alternative power source. I, for one, would be thrilled to help on that project!!!!
  6. prmenrs

    Now This Is How To Quit A Job

    I was once on a San Diego to LA commuter flight back when it was easier to fly there than drive. When the plane landed, people immediately jumped up and started grabbing stuff. The flt attendants asked numerous times for everyone to sit down before they got hurt (we were still taxi-ing), most everyone complied, but one guy persisted. She finally got on the PA system and said, "Will someone please help that poor deaf man in 11C to sit down til we get to the gate?" The whole plane cracked up. The guy was [slightly] mortified.
  7. A warning for those of you w/Filipino co-workers who make trips home every couple of years--it's very easy to get dengue fever in the Philippines! One of my friends came back w/it last year! Unfortunately, no vaccination is available.
  8. prmenrs

    30 is too old to have children

    I feel like saying, "get her a dog", but that wouldn't be fair to the dog. You guys are fine. She's the one that's out of step. Perhaps she could find something to occupy her time w/o making your life heck? Volunteer work? Day care?
  9. prmenrs

    Let's Talk About Sex

    700/365 days/year? Dream on, guys.
  10. prmenrs

    This Congressman needs to go to jail for this

    Talking while intoxicated. Frequently bad.
  11. prmenrs

    Will California legalize Marijuana?

    If they do legalize it, I hope they tax the (heck) out of it--we need the revenue!!!
  12. prmenrs

    Motto to Live By

    Don't look @ me in that tone of voice!
  13. prmenrs


    If you're working MCH areas, there's an app called "jaundice"--you put the baby's age in hours, the bilirubin, and it tells you whether phototherapy is indicated. Not much use anywhere else, but it's one I use a lot! Costs ~ $5. Don't forget to save receipts for any app you're using @ work for your taxes!
  14. prmenrs

    Would a nurse look good in this car?

    Definitely do NOT care for it.
  15. prmenrs

    Seasonal Affective Disorder

    I figure it's worth a shot. It would be better if I actually sat in the sun, I suppose, but since that doesn't consistently happen, the light will have to suffice.

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