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  1. crazin01

    What's the secret to 56 years of A happy marriage?

    gotta luv it!!
  2. crazin01

    World Turned upside down

    I could be way off here, but his actions/statements remind me of my Ex-fiancee of 6 years. It seems sort of odd, that he stuck it out with you thus far and now, when you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, he suddenly wants out. Him suddenly wanting you gone makes me wonder if there's somebody else. He needs you gone, so he may cater to the new relationship and needs that to happen ASAP. The fact he doesn't seem to care about your education & subsequent nursing career makes one wonder how strong the relationship is/was; It seems he wasn't the best significant other (putting it nicely) & eventually, the relationship will fizzle out. Better to know now than later. Out of curiosity, whose name is on the lease/deed for house Best wishes & Sorry for all this drama happening at a hectic time.
  3. crazin01

    Chiropractor & menstrual lipstick???

    A Male Chiropractor Wants Women To Use Controversal Methods To Contain Menstrual Flow Forbes Welcome It's from forbes' website, so it should be a reliable source. He mentions that women haven't been creative enough to deal with menses & the only methods are pads & tampons... or as he says" "diaper and a plug".... Just curious if anyone heard of this before? I don't really have any thoughts/opinion to share. I would probably respond not very nicely to this guy...
  4. crazin01

    Casper the Friendly Ghost

    So sorry to hear. She was clearly very well cared for and loved by all. "Chicken soup for the pet lovers soul" is a wonderful read with an entire 'saying good-bye' section; Just have tissues at the ready. There was one thought that has stuck with me over the years. If our dear fur-babies are only in our lives' for a limited time and we mourn them so much; it would be practically impossible to spend almost a lifetime together. Sending many hugs your way...